Build a Custom Mens Hair System

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Custom Mens Hair Systems

Super Fine Swiss Lace (SFS) Toupee

Super Fine Swiss (SFS) Lace is the thinnest and lightest of all mens toupees. It is invisible against the scalp and offers the most natural hairline. It is also the most fragile. SFS is generally for seasoned wearers, as it requires delicate care. It can be ordered with no polyurethane (PU), PU around sides/back or PU around full perimeter.

French Lace Toupee

French Lace offers an invisible hairline, but with greater durability. For newer hair system clients, French Lace is an especially great choice. It can be ordered with no polyurethane (PU), PU around sides/back or PU around full perimeter.

French Lace with Swiss Lace Front

These hair pieces for men offer the least detectable front hairline (Swiss), with greater durability throughout the base (French). It can be ordered with or without a polyurethane (PU) perimeter. However, we recommend to use PU only around sides/back, to ensure no Pu is visible along front hairline.

Thin Skin Toupee

Thin skin hair systems for men are designed as a full polyurethane (PU) “skin” base-which gives the impression of hair growing directly out of the scalp. This base has three methods of hair attachment (ventilation): Knotted, Injected and V-Loop. Knotted is created similar to lace systems, but the knots are invisible since they lay beneath the skin. Injected does not show any knots as hair is heat-injected into the base. V-Loop is constructed with longer strands of hair woven widthwise across the unit, so hair lays closer to the head. As a result, this base is thicker to allow hair to be inserted deeper for durability. This base is $25 extra.

Bio-Skin Toupee

Bio-Skin hair systems for men offer super thin, very invisible and is “stretchy”, like skin. It actually “feels” like skin and it’s super comfortable. An especially good choice for full cap wearers. Can be ordered with V-Loop or Knotted.

Fine Welded Mono

Fine Welded Mono toupee for men is a lace type base with added rigidity and durability. It is less invisible than lace, but is still thin and does disappear. Very easy to tape and glue, it’s a good choice for people who want a longer lasting unit. Base is offered with no poly, or with a polyurethane border (PU) around the sides and back or around the entire perimeter


Monofilament hair systems for men offer the greatest durability and is therefore the longest lasting of all our bases. Our Monofilament base is offered with a polyurethane border (PU) around the entire perimeter

How to Order

Choose a base style then select custom options.  Alternatively, you may send in your current hair system and we can duplicate it. Our online menu allows you to select your base type, hair style, length, density, color and gray percentage.  For your color selection,  you can send us a personal hair sample, or choose a color from our color ring, if you know it. 

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