French Lace PU All Around Custom Mens Hairpieces

$298 Each or $288 Each for 2+

The French Lace with PU all around custom mens toupee offers a breathable base with easy adhesion and PU all around.  These mens hairpieces are popular because the PU around enables easy glue or tape cleanup,  a strong hold and stability where the majority of the hairpiece is breathable.  These hair systems for men are better for brushdown styles compared to the hairpieces which have lace at the front for more invisibility.

Designed to your custom specifications
Base:  French Lace PU All Around
Size: Up to 8” x 10” for topper
Oversize:   Over 8” width or 10” Length
Density:    Extra Light to Heavy
Wave:    None to Afro
Hair Length:  6” to 18”


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Hair Pieces for Men Wave/Curl

Hair Pieces for Men Templates


How to make a template for your men’s toupee

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1. Prices mentioned are now outdated.
2. Review is general and may not be for this particular stock unit


May order off our color ring colors shown here, or provide a hair sample.  We can also match an old unit

FAQ about this Toupee for Men

The french Lace with PU all around is a good option for easier glueing and taping.  PU all around makes for more stable hold with faster off-on cleanup. The front hairline on this toupee is not as invisible since there is PU at the front hairline.   You may want to choose the option with a lace front if  you want an invisible hairline.  Both options for these mens toupees have breathable lace bases however.

There isn’t a huge difference between French and Swiss lace nowadays.  While the swiss Lace is theoretically more invisible since it is a slightly thinner lace, these laces are closer today than in years past.   Either swiss or French lace will be invisible and breathable, and will also be non-detectable to the touch.  The PU on these toupees is touch-detectable, however.

With density, the idea should be, the older you are the lower the density to look age appropriate.   If you are under 40 you may be best choosing medium to medium heavy, and if over 40 you could go with medium light or less.  For someone over 50, it might be best to go with extra light or light.  Light density mens hairpieces still have full coverage.

You can just to to a regular stylist which could save you a lot of money.  Just explain to them in confidence that you are wearing hair and it would be advisable to take the length down slowly.   Another option is to go to hair replacement stylist.  We have a large list of these stylists in most states, so call us to enquire if needed.

At our volumes,  Hairpiece Warehouse can purchase any hair replacement systems at costs with just a few dollars difference between any suppliers out there.   We can purchase the best quality so the answer is that our quality is the very top. Our lace is the best we have found anywhere.   We have partnered with the best suppliers in the industry.