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Hairpiece How-To’s

Different Attachment Methods

When attaching a Hair Replacement System or mens toupee either clips, tapes or glue will be recommended.

Clips are used for units that are larger than the area of recession to be covered, as they require the clips attach to hair just outside the bald or thinning area. This is the fasted attachment, but the regular grabbing of hair by the actual clip results in continued hair loss at the area the clips hold.  Glue is generally recommended for units with PU borders or all vinyl bases, as it makes removal, clean-up and re-gluing a simple affair. Tape is used most often on lace-only systems, because it prevents glues from seeping into the hair.

Use of Adhesives and Skin Reactions

As most mens hair systems must attach to the scalp at points of contact, the usual method is through the use of tapes or glue. In both cases, skin sensitivity is always to be considered first, in order to avoid allergic reactions, such as rash or hives. To avoid this, apply a small amount of tape or glue to skin on your neck and wait 5 minutes to see if there is a reaction. If so, avoid use of the item and try a different vendor’s product or type, until no adverse reactions occur.

Hairpieces for men History

The Terms Hairpiece Wearers Use

Hair Replacement Systems, often times called Hair Systems for Men, mens hairpiece or mens toupees is a wearable collection of human or synthetic hair, that is hand-tied into a mesh or light vinyl base, for the purpose of covering an area of the head that through chemotherapy, injury or heredity, has lost its source of hair. Once attached by glues, tapes or clips, the hair can be washed, cut, styled and trimmed, so that it blends naturally with the hair color of natural source.

Use of Mens Hairpieces Throughout History

The use of mens hairpieces and mens toupees dates back to 2700 B.C.E. in Egypt. These were originally made of human hair, much as they are today. They denoted rank, social status and religious piety.  They were worn by both men and woman and were used to protect their heads from sun and insects. King Louis XIII was the first man of modern times to renew the trend, in order to cover his thinning hair and to cover his premature balding.

Cost Effectiveness of Hairpieces for Men and Women

Historically speaking, Hairpieces for Men and Woman is a cost-effective way to overcome baldness or even general thinning of hair. Since most of the stock units available are ready-made and cover primarily the top of the head, they can be applied and styled to look the same as the rest of the wearer’s hair.  So, a minimal investment can complete the look, to achieve a more youthful appearance, with a fuller head of hair. Most importantly, both Men and Woman’s Hairpieces cost thousands of dollars LESS than surgical solutions, which cannot guarantee results.

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Mens Toupee Care Considerations

Silk Pillowcases for Hair Replacement Systems

Do silk pillowcases really benefit mens hair systems?  For some time now, hair replacement experts have weighed in on the benefits of silk pillowcases, suggesting their use can reduce kinks, split ends and frizz. Recently, The Good Housekeeping Institute Textile Lab sought to determine if silk pillowcases could reduce the instance of “bed hair”. Their studies showed that friction from tossing and turning on regular cotton pillowcases results in increased friction on the surface of the hair, causing kinks or bends, that may appear as frizz.  But a silky-smooth surface, such as that found on silk or sateen materials, can reduce or even eliminate this effect.

Do silk pillowcases prevent frizzy hair? Thanks to silk’s smooth texture, hair glides over it without friction. This means you will likely wake with less frizz effect in your hair replacement system.  This is especially beneficial with textured or curly hair, because it preserves the curl without introducing frizz.

Do silk pillowcases keep the hair healthy? In some ways, yes; as it keeps the hair hydrated, which prevents hair from getting brittle.  Cotton is more porous than silk, so traditional cotton pillowcases can absorb moisture from your hair. Silk leaves that hydration where it belongs; in your hair. So, if you suffer from dry strands, a silk pillowcase will be highly beneficial to extending the life and management of the system’s hair

The Key to Getting Hair Like a Celebrity

When current  A-List celebrities seem to change their hair styles like the weather, the question of how they do it comes to mind.  While they are lucky enough to have dedicated teams  to help them look their best, they don’t usually have these professional stylists around-the-clock. What they do have is the correct products and tips to help keep their hair in great shape.

The number one hack is to never wash your mens toupee with traditional shampoos-because they will strip the hair system and scalp of their natural oils. Many shampoos contain sodium laurel sulfate or other damaging detergents for cleansing. While these generate a thick lather, they also create dryness, color fade and brittle hair, that leads to premature shedding. Instead, the key is to shampoo infrequently with a sulfate-free shampoo and always apply hydrating conditioner for 4-6 minutes afterwards to allow additional moisture to be absorbed into the hair, before rinsing. If you follow this simple formula, you’ll soon be finding others asking if You are a celebrity too!

Why Knots are Bleached on Most Hair Systems for Men

Within the manufacturing environment for womens and mens Hair Systems, the production includes a step where knots are bleached, particularly along the front hairline and at the crown. This is performed to minimize the appearance of knots (seen as “dark dots”), by  camouflaging their appearance, so that the impression is that hair is growing right out of the skin. As color within the hair shaft adds heft and strength, the rest of the unit is usually not bleached, in order to prevent premature shedding, due to hair weakness.

Diving or Flying with a Hair Replacement System?

Some of the trickier situations for wearers of mens toupees or hair systems for men is use and care in extreme situations, such as diving or flying. Instead of using any metal clips to secure your system, when going through airport security, us glue or other non-metal attachment methods. But, be sure to include these items in your carry-on bag, as you would not want to be missing the