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Let Hairpiece Warehouse make you the perfect custom hair system.
If you're in a hurry, get our stock hair system shipped to you today.

Natural & Undetectable Hairline

Our mens hair systems will give you a confident and natural look.
Nobody will know or even think it's a hair system, period.

Easy Online & Express Ordering

Express 1-2 day shipping and delivery available to U.S. addresses.
Worldwide shipping from our U.S. Warehouse.

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mens hair pieces
Stock Hairpieces
From $248 Each
2 or More From $238 Each

5 Models to Choose From

Gray Available: 5% to 100%

Trim to Fit

Express Ship 1-2 day Available

mens hair systems
Custom Hairpieces
From $298 Each
2 or More From $288 Each

Custom Designed to Your Template

Gray Available: 5% to 100%

Duplication Available

8 – 10 Weeks Manufacture Time

hair pieces for men
Hairpiece repair
From $158

Hair Add and Repair

Restored to Like New

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“I received my new hair system and took it to my professional stylist here in Los Angeles, CA. She caters to some of the famous celebs in Hollywood. She told me your product is great and the color perfectly matched my real hair. I just want to thank you for providing me a nice product. I am very satisfied and happy.”

Joe S. | CA

“I just wanted to tell you how ecstatically happy I am with the new system I received tonight! It is everything I wanted and more. Just beautiful!”

Geraldine A. | TX

Hairpiece Warehouse

Our Stock Mens Hair Pieces

Our stock hairpieces are available for immediate shipment (1-2 day delivery to U.S. addresses) and can all be trimmed to fit the individuals needs. Our stock mens toupee is as good quality as custom hairpieces with the same high quality lace, skin and monofilament materials and high quality human hair.  For ordering info please see here

Our french lace with poly all around with lace front stock mens hair pieces are 9.5” x 7”.   The poly allows for easy adhesion, while the lace front provides an invisible hairline.  These stock toupees are very popular for these reasons. See details here

Our french lace with poly all around stock mens hair pieces are 9.5” x 7”.   The poly allows for easy adhesion while the lace center is breathable and comfortable. See details here

Our all french lace stock mens toupees are 10” x 8”.   These stock hairpieces are invisible to the eye and undetectable to the touch. See details here

Our thin skin stock mens toupees are 9.5” x 7.5”.   The thin skin allows for easy adhesion, and it appears like the hair is growing right out of the scalp with the v-loop ventilation. See details here

Our thin skin stock toupees are 9.5” x 7.5”.   The thin skin allows for easy adhesion, and it appears like the hair is growing right out of the scalp with the v-loop ventilation. See details here

Our mono top men’s toupee are 10” x 8”.   The skin allows for easy adhesion, and the mono top is breathable and durable. See details here

Shop Mens Hair Pieces and Non-surgical hair replacement systems by Hairpiece warehouse

Have you heard about non-surgical hair replacement?  It is all about a natural look using mens hair pieces without needing a surgical procedure.  Surf our site to discover the different kinds of hair systems available.  There are custom hair systems and stock hair systems.

Buy High Quality mens hair pieces

Custom mens hair systems enable the wearer to highly tailor the look of the hair to some specific requirements (e.g. gray and curl).  Stock mens hairpieces will suffice for most people and can be delivered within a day or two.  Both custom or stock hairpieces are undetectable.

You can wear your hair with confidence from Hairpiece Warehouse. Nobody will know you are wearing a hair system.   You owe it to yourself to give us a try.

Natural Looking Hair pieces for men at Hairpiece Warehouse

Decades ago, mens toupees and hairpieces did not have the realism they have today.  People could spot wearers, and there was always the possibility someone could spot you, as it was easier to.  Today, these mens hair systems are so realistic, you probably have people you know who pass you by every day who are wearing without you even knowing, or anyone knowing for that matter.  

Compared to the hair clubs of decades ago, the cost for wearing toupees has decreased to the point of being very manageable.   Ordering off the internet is easy and cost effective.  At Hairpiece Warehouse, we do not force you into any standing orders or programs, you just order your hair systems when you need them.   Some people go through 3 or 4 of them a year, while some people need only one toupee per year.   A lot depends on the care.

Customer Experiences with Mens Hair Systems at Hairpiece Warehouse

Hairpiece Warehouse has been in business over 10 years, and many of our customers of mens hair systems have been with us for many or all of those years.  Search our site to see video and text testimonials from real customers.  Why do our customers continue to stay with us ?   No doubt, one reason is the low cost we can offer as an internet eCommerce site.   Another reason is the quality.  Our lace, skin and monofilament quality is second to none.  

Besides these reasons, we think the reason our customers are so loyal is our team.  We have a very experienced team of support professionals who have been with Hairpiece Warehouse many years, and who are helpful and loyal to our customers in return.  We realize that if we are helpful to our customers, they will be loyal to us in return.

Why Hairpiece Warehouse

Since 2010, Hairpiece Warehouse has provided womens and mens hair pieces to the public worldwide. We can create custom hair systems, made to your unique template and specifications, generally in 12-14 weeks. If you cannot wait, we have thousands of Stock hairpieces that can be shipped within a day.

We are not like hair clubs or other hair direct on-line suppliers of mens hair systems, which require you to be on some program with a contract. Instead, you simply order what you need, when you need it. Finding your hair replacement systems has never been easier or more affordable. Contact us today and take charge of your appearance. You'll be glad you did!

Contact Hairpiece Warehouse today at 1-866-332-3372.

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