Our Hair Care Specialists work closely with you to determine your color, fit and functional needs. We want to deliver the very best in selection, reliability, durability and comfort-all for the lowest possible price.

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General Questions

To accomplish your goals of enhancing your appearance, our Hair Care Specialists work closely with you to determine your color, fit and functional needs. We want to deliver the very best in selection, reliability, durability and comfort-all for the lowest possible price.

We are not like hair clubs or other hair direct on-line suppliers. You don’t have to sign a contract or have a “standing order”. Simply, order what you need, when you need it. It couldn’t be any easier.

We achieve this by working closely with direct manufacturers-no brokers and no middlemen. This ensures consistent procurement of Remy hair, resulting in superior finished hair systems.

We use ultra-fine lace mesh for our French Lace and Super-Fine Swiss Lace, which consists of colorless poly threads, which disappear against most skin tones, making it virtually undetectable.  Our injected and thinskin materials have no knots, making it invisible.

Absolutely! Most of our women clients order custom systems, because they generally require longer hair and thicker densities. We are also able to blend, streak, highlight and chunk hair colors, related to the latest hair fashions.

Certainly! In our lace base systems, each strand of hair is individually knotted to the base. For thinskin or injected bases, the individual hair is woven or injected into the base and sealed with another layer of polyurethane.  This permits the strength necessary for hair to withstand normal physical activities, such as swimming, biking, etc.  You can participate with an improved appearance without the worry of detachment.

Your privacy is paramount to what we do. All packages are shipped in non-descript, discreet packaging with the return address showing: HWarehouse, LLC.

We are an e-commerce website: HairpieceWarehouse.com. Should you wish to speak with a Hair Care Specialist before ordering, you can call or e-mail us. Please see Contact Us page for further information.

100% Remy hair is the highest premium-grade human hair available. Extra care and attention are exercised during the production process. This meticulous care ensures alignment of the hair cuticles, to reduce tangling and matting, while creating natural hair flow and movement. All of our hair replacement stems, both custom AND stock use only premium Remy hair for colored hair, because it delivers the truest color for natural styling.

We accept all major credit cards: American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa, by phone or on-line.  In addition, customers can pay directly via PayPal, when they order on-line.

Hair replacement systems

Please create a template according to directions on the website OR provide an original/older unit for us to use as a template. Send it, along with viable hair color or curl samples to our office listed on the Contact Us page.  You can also order directly from the website at: www.hairpiecewarehouse.com

Yes! Simply send us an old unit, so we may measure and determine its current specifications. Our Hair Care Specialist will contact you to help create the order and any changes you wish to include. Once your order is completed, you can choose to have us store your old unit on file here with us or return it to you. It is required for each construction cycle, so you may prefer that we keep it here in our template files.

Using a fabric measuring tape, measure your area of hair loss (recession), from back-to-front (length) and side-to-side (width).

Please view all of our stock selections from base type, to color type to gray percentage on our website at: https://www.hairpiecewarehouse.com/stock-hair-systems.

Our lace bases (Monofilament, Fine Welded Mono, French, Swiss) have strong construction and should last 3-8 months. ThinSkin and injected bases require greater care as they do not have a permanent structure. The lifespan of these is generally 2-4 months. However, this is conditional on how you maintain and care for your hair replacement system.  Our Hair Care Specialists are happy to discuss ways to increase the life of your hair replacement system-without the use of expensive products.

To attach a lace unit: Carefully cut excess 1/8” of outer mesh. Using your preferred tape or glue, simply line the lace or skin perimeter for immediate attachment. To remove: Carefully work your fingers under your attachment form and lift the base away from your scalp. Once completed, it can be cleaned and adhesives/tape re-attached.

To cut to your size:

  1. Place stock system hair down (base up) on a foam mannequin head.
  2. Place your template, inside-out, on top of the stock hair system, being careful to line up the front of the template with the start of the hairline (not edge of lace or skin).
  3. Pin down template with T-pins (available at craft stores or wig/hair supply vendors).
  4. Trace the outline of template onto the new unit using a sharpie, following the outer edges of the template.
  5. Unpin the template from the stock hair system and remove from mannequin head. Using small, sharp scissors or an exacto-knife, cut the stock base to the markings made. 

All hair replacement systems with lace front will include a small measure of lace trim (without any hair vented to it), which needs to be trimmed. This excess lace is to allow the netting used to secure the unit, not to interfere with the front lacing and/or permit users who prefer glue to have an area of attachment that avoids getting any glue in the actual hairline. Clients may choose to trim to their own preferences, using small, sharp scissors or an exacto-knife.

We have compiled an extensive directory of stylists worldwide and may know of a few in your area. We can also put you in touch with a select group that do cut-ins from an old reference unit or photograph. Some clients choose to attach their own systems and have a local barber or stylist cut it in. Be sure to secure these services before ordering.

Care and Maintenance

Depending upon skin sensitivities or allergies, you may need to experiment with adhesives, such as tapes or glues, and adhesive removers and cleaning agents, to determine what works best for your maintenance routine. We generally recommend tape for lace systems and glue for skin systems. Please contact our Hair Care Specialist staff for recommendations of tape, glue and cleaning product vendors, which can offer a wide-variety of dedicated products.

Sometimes, new lace can appear “slick” and will not accept the adhesives found on tape. If this occurs, please soak a cotton ball with 99% alcohol and dab around the complete perimeter. Let the alcohol dry and they try your tape again. Other tips include heating your tapes lightly with a hand-held blow dryer to allow the adhesive to come to the tape surface and try again. Also, you can spray lightly with hair spray to create a “tacky” surface the tape will adhere to. This problem is rare, but these steps may help you eliminate the issue.

We recommend washing no more than 1-2 times MONTHLY, using a sulfate-free shampoo. These can be found at any grocery or drug store. Always apply a conditioner for 4-6 minutes after shampooing, to allow the hair cuticle to absorb more moisture.

Mousse, gels and non-alcohol hairsprays are permitted. However, do not attempt to brush or comb these items out of the unit unless you have first rinsed thoroughly with water. Otherwise, the hair may mat, making breakage possible. We advise against the use of wax-based products, such as pomades unless you shampoo and condition first-as these products do not dissolve in water alone.

Our stock hair replacement systems come with a non-chemical slight wave. If you wish to style it straight, simply use a cool setting on the blow dryer-to prevent excessive drying.  We do not recommend using a hair dryer on units containing synthetic grey, as it may melt the fiber.

Our hair replacement systems use 100% Remy human hair. As such, it’s important to preserve the natural moisture and oils inherent in the hair.  To do so, we recommend shampooing infrequently (1-2 times monthly). This is because hair in your system cannot reproduce additional oils, like your own head does, to keep the hair smooth and glossy. Any shampoo used should be “sulfate free”. Afterwards, apply a conditioner for 4-5 minutes, to allow the hair to absorb more moisture.

In addition, we do NOT recommend the use of hats (baseball caps, construction hats, motorcycle helmets) as this results in undue abrasive tearing with each application/removal.

If you use well water for bathing or washing, we recommend to rinse with purified water, purchased from any grocery or drug store. Well water or Spring water contains natural minerals, which may cause buildup and unnecessary drying of the hair.

Use a wide-tooth comb, not a brush, to style your system, as this avoids pulling on any tangles or knots.

Use silk or sateen pillowcases, as some mercerized cotton can be too abrasive during sleep.

Finally, for lace systems, apply knot sealer weekly to the interior of the unit. This protects the knots by creating a light bond to the lace and will prolong the life and vibrancy of your hair replacement system.


Can you do repairs?

Generally, repairs mean the re-venting of hair, but does not include repairs of tears, ripped PU (polyurethane) or damaged structure. We can do repairs on custom and systems bought from us or elsewhere. However, we can perform re-venting services on units up to 1 year old only. This is because matching hair older than a year may result an unsatisfactory color, since the original hair is faded and weak. Please contact us before instituting a repair order, to determine if the work is currently being offered by our ventilation centers.

Guarantees and returns

We guarantee that our stock units are free of manufacture defects. Should you feel an item you receive is defective, kindly contact us with a photo of the issue in question. If we determine the issue is valid, we can replace, if item exists in stock. If custom, we would need to return to the factory, so addressing the issue may take upwards of 6-8 weeks.

Hairpiece Warehouse grants a 30-day limited warranty on our lace stock hairpiece, covering excessive hair loss. If you have lost more than 20% of base hair during this initial 30-day period, we’ll be happy to replace your item, if one exists in stock. For custom hairpiece shedding issues, we can return item to our production team, but turnaround time may be extensive.  Kindly call our Hair Care Specialist to provide your claim reference and receive return instructions. You must return the unit within 10 days thereafter. All items received after 10 days return are not eligible for warranty services. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Issues that arise 30 days after the purchase date are no longer under warranty and cannot be returned. Thinskin and injected systems are not included in this warranty, since the base is not structured.

This warranty does not include any systems mishandled by client or client’s stylist.

We hope you are pleased with your purchase. If you are not completely satisfied, we’ll gladly offer you an exchange or refund for undamaged/unaltered items. You must contact us within 7 days of your delivery to arrange a return.  The item must be returned within 30 days from receipt of product. No exceptions. A re-stocking fee of $15.00 per order will apply. Please note: Original shipping and handling fees are non-refundable and return shipping fees are the client’s responsibility and cost.  We are available for assistance in helping you make your return. Please call our Hair Care Specialist Team at: 1-866.332.3372 or e-mail us at: [email protected].

Yes, our Return Policy states that you must contact us within 7 days to arrange an exchange.  Kindly inform us if you have a specific exchange in mind (so we may reserve the item from our inventory supply) or whether you will be sending a hair sample for us to match. Samples must be approximately 1” in length, bound together with tape at one end. This ensures the level of gray or color differential can be distinguished within the sample. 

If you feel you received an incorrect or defective item, please call or e-mail us within 7 days to: [email protected] with a photo of the item received and a brief description of the issue.  A Hair Care Specialist will respond upon receipt and determination of error to arrange a correction.

Shipping and Tracking

You will receive an order confirmation and a shipping confirmation e-mail, with your tracking number. Orders are subject to verification and acceptance before shipping.

We ship FedEx for all domestic orders. Orders shipped to Georgia or to a PO Box, use United States Post Office (USPS).

Orders placed before 4PM EST Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) will be processed and shipped same day, once credit card authorization/verification has completed. Orders placed after 4PM EST or on Saturday or Sunday with ship next business day.

Reduces delivery to 1-2 days and provides Saturday delivery (in most areas).

Yes! We can ship internationally to most countries. All international orders will be shipped through FedEx International.

Yes. But shipping can be done through USPS only.

Domestic orders are received in 3-4 days and Express orders are received in 2 days.

If you refuse a shipment, you are responsible for the original shipping charges, including import fees. The amount will be deducted from your product refund.

Occasionally, our carriers experience service disruptions/delays. Please allow 5 business days for the delay issue to resolve itself after checking with service or neighbors that may have accepted shipment on your behalf.

We are unable to replace lost or stolen packages. We recommend selecting a secure shipping location where someone is always present to receive deliveries. If you need to change your shipping address after your item has shipped, please notify us immediately, as we must make carrier aware that the delivery address has changed. If your package is missing, stolen or lost in transit, please contact us so we may assist you with your claim. We will do everything we can to help you locate your package, but we cannot refund or replace lost or stolen items.

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