When current  A-List celebrities seem to change their hair styles like the weather, the question of how they do it comes to mind.  While they are lucky enough to have dedicated teams  to help them look their best, they don’t usually have these professional stylists around-the-clock. What they do have is the correct products and tips to help keep their hair in great shape.

The number one hack is to never wash your mens toupee with traditional shampoos-because they will strip the hair system and scalp of their natural oils. Many shampoos contain sodium laurel sulfate or other damaging detergents for cleansing. While these generate a thick lather, they also create dryness, color fade and brittle hair, that leads to premature shedding. Instead, the key is to shampoo infrequently with a sulfate-free shampoo and always apply hydrating conditioner for 4-6 minutes afterwards to allow additional moisture to be absorbed into the hair, before rinsing. If you follow this simple formula, you’ll soon be finding others asking if You are a celebrity too!