Do silk pillowcases really benefit mens hair systems?  For some time now, hair replacement experts have weighed in on the benefits of silk pillowcases, suggesting their use can reduce kinks, split ends and frizz. Recently, The Good Housekeeping Institute Textile Lab sought to determine if silk pillowcases could reduce the instance of “bed hair”. Their studies showed that friction from tossing and turning on regular cotton pillowcases results in increased friction on the surface of the hair, causing kinks or bends, that may appear as frizz.  But a silky-smooth surface, such as that found on silk or sateen materials, can reduce or even eliminate this effect.

Do silk pillowcases prevent frizzy hair? Thanks to silk’s smooth texture, hair glides over it without friction. This means you will likely wake with less frizz effect in your hair replacement system.  This is especially beneficial with textured or curly hair, because it preserves the curl without introducing frizz.

Do silk pillowcases keep the hair healthy? In some ways, yes; as it keeps the hair hydrated, which prevents hair from getting brittle.  Cotton is more porous than silk, so traditional cotton pillowcases can absorb moisture from your hair. Silk leaves that hydration where it belongs; in your hair. So, if you suffer from dry strands, a silk pillowcase will be highly beneficial to extending the life and management of the system’s hair