Thin Skin Stock Mens Hair Systems

$248 Each or $238 Each for 2+

Thin Skin Hair Systems for Men offer both an invisible hairline and touch non-detectability.  These v-looped stock mens toupees come 9.5” x 7.5” but can be trimmed to any size.   Thin Skin stocks have hair that looks like it is coming directly out of the scalp.   The v-loop ventilation has no knots.
Base:  V-Loop Thin Skin
Max Size:  9.5”L x 7.5”W
Min Size:   Any
Density:  Medium Light to Medium
Wave:  Slight Wave
Front Curvature:   CC
Hair Length:    6”


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These mens hair pieces come with a slight wave
Trim to fit any size from 10” x 8”and below
Available in 11 colors with gray percentages 0% to 80% and 100% gray

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Front Contour

front contour


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FAQ about these Mens Hair Replacement Systems

Some people prefer Thin Skin units due to their lack of noticeable knots (for v-loop’d ventilation of stock units), and the look as if the hair is coming right out of the scalp.  However, v-loop’d thin skin tends to last less long than lace for mens toupee.

These are different methods of ventilating (i.e. tying) the hair.   Knotted is the strongest, but occasionally, knotted thin skin can have slightly noticeable knotting.   Next is V-loop, which is less durable than knotted, but has no knots, as the hair is tied by looping through.   Injected has the hair ends directly injected into the thin skin.   Injected is the most labor intensive ventilation and therefore must be ordered custom at increased cost.

While we carry only medium light to medium men’s toupees in stock, you may order custom mens hair systems for men with any density you need including extra light or light.

Some people go to just a regular stylist, and this option can be the least expensive.  Just explain to them in confidence that you are wearing and it would be advisable to take the length down slowly.   Another option is to go to hair replacement systems stylist.  We have a large list of these stylists in most states, call us to enquire.

At our volumes,  Hairpiece Warehouse can purchase any toupee for men at costs that just a few dollars difference between one supplier and the next.   We can purchase the best quality mens toupees so the answer is that our quality is the very top.