how it works image finalIf you would like to enjoy the freedom of luxurious hair, custom designed and shaped to your head, then your search really is over. There's no longer any reason to go to a salon or hair club and spend hundreds of dollars every month.   There's also no reason to commit yourself to an expensive monthly program where you're forced into buying a set number of units per month.  With Hairpiece Warehouse, you just buy hair when you need it.

For our Stock Hair Systems, you can select the base, color, gray and density, and you will receive an up-to 8" x 10" sized Stock system with 6" hair that you can cut down to your required size. Stock hair systems are available for immediate shipment.   Please see our FAQ for instructions on how to cut a stock hairpiece base to your size.

For our Custom Hair Systems, you need only follow the 2 steps below and a Custom Hair System can be delivered to your door in 8-10 weeks.



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Custom Ordering Steps

1. Select Options on Custom Menu

Fill out our online menu for your desired custom options here.  Alternatively, you may send in your current hair system and we can duplicate it. Our online menu allows you to select your base type, hair style, length, density, color and gray percentage.  For your color selection,  you can send us a personal hair sample, or choose a color from our color ring, if you know it.  For returning customers, we will have your color on file.  You can also choose rush priority for faster (6-7 week) delivery.  Normal delivery time runs 8-10 weeks.


2.  Mail Us Your Template or Old Unit to Duplicate

Follow the very simple directions for creating a template and mail it to us.  When filling out your order from the online menu, you can indicate whether you wish us to return your template to you or keep it on file with us for faster future orders.  

After you receive your custom hair system, you can get it cut and styled by an ordinary stylist or a stylist who specializes in hair replacement.   We have a list of stylists around the U.S. and the world, and may know one in your area (contact us for details).

Our phone lines are open Monday through Friday: 10 AM to 5 PM EST, Saturday: 9 AM to Noon EST.  Stock orders made on-line will be shipped the same day. You can e-mail us any time, day or night and we will reply within 24 hours.