French Lace with Poly Perimeter Lace Front Stock Men’s Toupee

$268 Each or $258 Each for 2+

The French Lace PU Perimeter with Lace Front mens toupees are a very popular choice due to their breathable top, undetectable lace front, and substantial PU enabling easy cleanup and stable hold.  These mens hair pieces offer a great mix of durability, stability, and realism.
Base:    French Lace with PU and Lace Front
Max Size:      9.5”L x 7”W
Min Size:   7.5”L x 5”W
Density:    Medium Light to Medium
Wave:    Slight Wave
Front Curvature: CC
Hair Length:    6”
PU Back/Sides:    2.5” / 1.5”


360° Video Description

All stock mens toupees come with a slight wave
Trim to fit any size from 9.5” x 7”to 7.5”x  5”
Available in 11 colors with gray percentages 0% to 80% and 100% gray

Up Close


Front Contour

front contour


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1. Prices mentioned are now outdated.
2. Review is general and may not be for this particular stock unit

FAQ about these men’s toupees

The lace front on these toupees enable an undetectable front hairline.  The PU all around would make it more difficult to slick hair back.

The zig zag removes a line where the lace meets the PU and makes the PU less detectable there.  Usually, the PU is not very detectable to begin with in that area, and this helps some more.

The lace fringe on these mens hairpieces allow different wearers to choose how much lace they want to trim beyond the hairline.   For most people, they would trim up to 1/16” from the hairline, but some people choose 1/8” or more.  It’s a personal thing.

There are many instructional videos on the web on how to trim the PU of a stock mens toupee.  It’s not difficult and should take only 10 minutes.

Some people go to just a regular stylist, and this option can be the least expensive.  Just explain to them in confidence that you are wearing and it would be advisable to take the length down slowly.   Another option is to go to hair replacement stylist.  We have a large list of these stylists in most states, call us to enquire.

At our volumes,  Hairpiece Warehouse can purchase any toupee for men at costs that just a few dollars difference between one supplier and the next.   We can purchase the best quality mens toupees so the answer is that our quality is the very top.