General Questions

1.Why should I use Hairpiece Warehouse for my replacement hair system?

We work directly with hair technicians and specialty manufacturers for men’s replacement systems. We have developed quality assurance guidelines for our systems and constantly seek the very best in fit, reliability, durability and comfort-all to guarantee you have the very best client satisfaction experience.

2.How can you offer quality men’s hair systems at such competitive prices?

We are a wholesale provider of womens and mens hair systems to hair replacement salons all over the world. We have made our products available to the public for the same low price.

3.What is the difference between custom systems, stock systems and duplicate systems?

Our Custom Hair Systems require the client to create a template and then choose the preferred base type, hair color, density, percentage gray, wave and cut style, at time of ordering, so that the fit is unique to the client's head shape and hair growth pattern. Our Stock Hair Systems are available in either French Lace or Super Fine Swiss Lace bases and can be further customized with options of hair color, density, percentage gray, wave and cut style. We can also duplicate your system, if you send it to us temporarily for analysis . We then return your system, review our findings with you and obtain your approval before ordering a system, based on your criteria.

4.How long does it take to receive a hair system ?

Stock orders are delivered immediately. Normal shipping takes 3-4 days.  For custom orders, normal manufacture time for regular (non-priority) orders takes approximately 8-10 weeks after we receive any template and/or color sample required for the order. Rush orders take approximately 6-7 weeks. Both regular and rush priority orders can incur delays for various reasons, and these delivery times are approximate and therefore not guaranteed.

5.How is a Hairpiece Warehouse order identified?

Our customer’s privacy is paramount to what we do, so all packages from Hairpiece Warehouse are return-addressed as only HWAREHOUSE, LLC, with a P.O. Box indication. However, if you wish us to track your delivery, we must have a known physical address for you-so Post Office Box addresses are not valid.

6.What is 100% Human Remy hair?

100% Premium Remy Hair is the highest grade human hair available. Extra care and attention is exercised during the production process. This meticulous care ensures alignment of the hair cuticles, to reduce tangling and matting, while ensuring natural hair flow and movement. All our hair replacement systems use Premium Remy Hair because it delivers the most natural styling texture. However, we can also produce a monofilament or synthetic replacement system, if you prefer.

7.Can I play sports, swim or bike in it?

Certainly! Each strand of hair is individually knotted to the base or injected into the base. This permits the strength necessary for hair to undergo normal human activities, such as swimming, biking, playing sports.

8.How can I get one of your hairpieces cut and styled?

We don't provide the haircut. Our hairpieces come with 6 inch hair or longer. However, we have a large list of stylists and may know one in your area, including overseas (contact us). Also, many of our clients have chosen to attach their hair system and go to an ordinary barber or stylist, and this option can be the least costly.

9.Do you have womens hairpieces ?

Absolutely! Many of our women clients order in the same manner as the guys, usually with longer hair. We also manufacture womens integration hair systems, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 1-866-332-3372 for more information.

10.Do you offer hair cutting services ?

Not at this time.  We do have quite a list of stylists around the U.S. and in other countries.

Hair System Questions:

1.How Do I cut down a stock hair system?

Our stock hair systems are sized from 7”x9.5” to 8”x10” and can easily be cut down to the required size. To cut the stock base to your required size, following these steps: a) place the stock hairpiece hair-down (base-up) on a foam mannequin head b) place your template, inside-out, on top of the stock hairpiece, being careful to line up the front of the template with the hairline c) pin down the template d) trace the outline of the template using a sharpie, marking the stock hairpiece base e) unpin the template and remove the stock hairpiece from the foam mannequin head. Use cuticle scissors or an exacto knife to cut the stock hairpiece base.

2.Are your hair system hairlines really undetectable?

The fine lace mesh used for the French Lace and Super Fine Swiss Lace bases consist of colorless threads which disappear against your skin tone, making them virtually undetectable. The Injected Thin Skin base has no knots and is, therefore, completely invisible.

3.How do I order a custom or duplicate system?

Click Here to request a hair replacement system by specifying a number of unique criteria. Pay for your system with approved credit cards or PayPal and your new system will be delivered in 8-10 weeks. It’s that simple.

4.How do I measure for base sizing or making a template?

Click Here for a quick tutorial on how to measure the contour of your own head for ordering a custom system or temporarily send to us so we can determine correct dimensions and shape. Finally, you may wish to consider the flexibility and speed of receiving our superior stock systems, which can be shipped almost immediately.

5.How do I indicate base type, color, curl, density, hair type, hairline, length and wave?

From our Info tab, you can view sample pictures of hair density, hair colors, hair styles and wave/curl choices to aid you in your choices. Then, from either our Custom Hair System ordering page or our Stock Hair System ordering page, simply choose a selection for each option available, to create the hair replacement system that suits your needs. If you require any further assistance, please contact us via phone or e-mail and we will be happy to assist in any way to help you complete your order.

6.If I need an “emergency” stock system how soon can I get it?

In-stock requests can be shipped to you immediately. Priority mailing takes 3-4 days, Express mailing takes 1-2 days.

7. Why is there extra lace on the front of my hair system ?

All hair systems with lace fronts will include the lace fringe, which needs to be trimmed. We keep the lace fringe so that our clients can customize how much lace they would like beyond the hairline. For most people, it's usually about one eighth of an inch.

Hair Care and Maintenance Questions:

1.How long will your custom system last? How long will a stock system last?

The fine mesh lace bases have strong construction and, with normal wear, should provide you with 2-6 months of great looks. Thereafter, we recommend having a stock system on hand, to provide carryover, while a new system is completed and sent to you.

2.How do I attach my system?

After receiving your system, carefully cut away about 1/8th of the outer mesh and using your preferred tape or glue, simply line the remaining mesh areas for immediate attachment.

3.How do I remove my system?

Removal is possible by simply working your fingers under your attachment form and lifting the mesh base away from your scalp.

4.What Shampoo and Conditioner should I use with my hair system?

We recommend a sulfate-free shampoo, such as L'Oreal Everpure. For conditioner, we recommend Infusium-23 Step 2 conditioner. Both are inexpensive and usually available in grocery stores.

5. Why can I not get the lace to stick to my tape?

When the lace is new from the factory, and it can be a little slick. If this problems occurs, it will usually only last on the first attachment. Most of our clients do not have a problem. However, if you do, please get some 99% alcohol (not 91%), and dab some around the perimeter of the lace. Press very hard. If this does not work, then you can soak the lace in water for a few hours, and repeat with the alcohol. Some other tips include heating up the tape you are using with a blow-dryer first, and using some hairspray. This problem is rare, but these steps will help you eliminate the issue.