Wonderful tips to extract maximum potential of your toupee for men

There are many toupee for men available in the market that makes it easier to arrange your hairstyle with least efforts. However, maintaining the mens hairpieces or enjoying an appealing look for a long time could be a bit tricky especially for beginners. If you are also finding it difficult to take care of your hair unit without stressing yourself then you have come at the right place. In this tutorial you will get the best and practical hacks to overcome the maintenance challenges and also repair various issues related to your hair unit:

How to find the right type of hair unit cap?

Finding the right type of toupee for men can be a challenge for the beginners but there are a few easy ways to overcome it. Just make sure that the mens hairpieces cap should not loudly declare its presence.

Don’t just pick any toupee for men cap but look for the branded ones and the ones that don’t have contrasting, different colours or darker shades than your natural scalp.

Here are some common types of mens hairpieces caps constructions

·       Human/synthetic hair hair unit cap

·       Monofilament Hair unit Cap

·       Hair unit Cap Base

·       Traditional, open or base Cap

·       Hand-Tied hair unit Cap

·       Lace Front mens hairpieces Caps

How to find the toupee for men cap that can be concealed easily?

It could be challenging to find the mens hairpieces cap that can seamlessly be concealed. However, there is an easy way to do this. Here are a few easy ways to ensure that the toupee for men cap can easily be concealed and doesn’t attract the attention:

·       While picking the toupee for men caps you can consul t the vendor whether or not the shade of the mens hairpieces cap exactly meets your natural scalp

·       Generally you should go for the hair unit caps with lighter shades. May be later, depending upon the requirements you can darken the color

·       The reason behind going for a lighter shade is that you can easily darken it. Lightening the shade of darker hair unit cap is an uphill task though.

Some other tips related to your hair unit cap

Here are a few other tips that we are going to share in order to offer a good look to your toupee for men.

·       In case the color of your full lace hair unit is different than the natural skin tone then you can brush a concealed throughout the interior part of hair unit provided that the congealer’s color tone resembles your skin tone.

·       If you don’t wish to lose the original style while sleeping overnight then an easy way to do it is to wear your scarf while sleeping

·       Make sure that you use a light scarf so that it should not produce unnecessary heat or interfere with your sleep

·       Moreover, it is also important to wrap the scarf in a most secured way so that it would not slide form the right position. You may also use a few pins to tuck the scarf’s edges and your hair unit together.


In order to enjoy the best appeal out of your hair unit you need to ensure that you pick the right piece and also take best care of the same. Many people wish to know the best hair unit maintenance hacks so that they can independently take complete care of their hair units. In this guide we presented some of the best hacks for such people. By practically adopting these hacks the readers will find it easier to take best care of their hair units.