Why Do We Take Hairpiece Replication Orders?

We are a hairpiece supplier for more than 14 years now and we do boast of a team of excellent craftsmen who work for us and can produce superior quality, premium grade hairpieces.

Still we accept replication orders. Click at any of our custom hairpiece order icon, the shopping cart icon on the right side of each product in display, and you can find at the bottom of the form we have kept this option for ordering. We always put our customers ahead of anything and if someone seeks a replication, we gladly accept. 

The reason we are writing about it is only yesterday we got a phone call in our customer helpline number and the guy wanted to know why we at all replicate existing pieces when we have in display a range of products in stock hairpiece category and a wide range of options in our custom hairpiece section.

Well, the obvious answer is we want to cater to our customers in every way possible. Thanks to our existing customers who always recommend us to their friends and we get flooded with the queries every day. But all of them are not new wearers. Many are regular wearers who earlier bought from other suppliers.

So, they already have a couple of pieces with them which are maybe worn out or they are not happy with the quality of the construction. Some people are very particular about the style they wear and so when they order hairpieces they want the new ones made in the same way.

This is why they seek replacement. And we do not mind catering them. Why should we, at all? Rather we feel happy that this person is putting faith on our expertise that we can produce an exact replication. They are choosing us instead of going back to their old suppliers.

Besides, it’s part of our custom hair system services. A custom order always means something exclusive. Whether you reproduce or you make a fresh one, it will be a customized piece anyway.