Why Do People Prefer Custom Hair Systems?

The answer lies in the question only. Ready-made or stock hairpieces are for emergencies, chiefly. Since these are kept in stock round the year, deliveries are made within two days of order-placing. This is why some people prefer buying it, especially the new users.


But wearing a hairpiece which has been exclusively crafted for you is a different experience altogether. Hardly there’ll be any hairpiece wearer who’s buying it for more than 4 years now and doesn’t have any custom hairpiece. We can discuss different aspects of a custom system, part by part—

The Base

Users differ in opinion regarding their choices of base. Some people love the soft touch of lace mesh base. Lace bases are highly ventilated for its woven minuscule cellular structure and the light cotton threads used.

Please never confuse it with the laces used in apparels or home furnishings. This variety is specially produced for hairpiece construction. Earlier it was only French lace and Superfine Swiss lace but later Polyurethane Skin bases entered the industry.

The best thing about Polyurethane is, since it’s a synthetically produced material, it can be available in different thicknesses. So we have thicker Poly borders, to provide adhesion support to any kind of hairpiece base, and at the same time Super-thin bases and highly stretchy, invisible to human eyes, Bio skin bases.

To make a custom hair system, the hairpiece maker first cuts the lace sheet or skin sheet according to the scalp size measurements provided by the customer. Besides the customer decides whether he/she would add Poly border or not.

Monofilament is another kind of base which is gradually getting favorite of many because of its durability. Hardly stock hairpieces are made on this base. It’s meant for custom pieces.

The Hair

Every custom hairpiece is constructed catering to the hair color, style and gray mix requirements sought by the customer. For example, let’s assume his natural hair color is black but right from his ‘20s he was coloring it medium brown.

When he grew older, he went for the ‘cool’ hair color fashion, a mix of gray and medium brown, professionally done in good salons. And then he noticed that the bald patch on the crown is spreading rapidly in all directions.

Now, he needs a hairpiece and wants to maintain the brown-gray coloring style. And he can get it all by ordering a custom hairpiece. He can choose exactly which percentage of gray he would like to mix with brown.

This is one among thousands of case studies. The purpose of keeping a service available for customization is to keep the option open for any kind of request. When someone opens the custom hairpiece order form on our website, he chooses color, gray, hair style, wave/curl pattern and length.

This facility is not available in stock pieces. All ready-made hairpieces have a standard hair length—six inches.


While many people place orders for fresh hairpieces every time, some people cut short the ordering process and ask for replication of an old piece. And replicating a hairpiece is obviously customization since the hairpiece maker needs to copy same to same.

In that case, just filling up an online form will not be enough, the customer would have to courier the piece to the hairpiece maker.