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These are hair ventilation methods, which means the way hair is attached to the base of the hair piece.

Thin skin hair replacement systems have 3 types of ventilation.   The hair can be knotted as in lace units, v-looped where the hair is looped through, or injected, where the ends of the hair are injected into the skin.   Bio skin hair systems can be knotted or v-looped, but the 0.02mm skin membrane is too thin for injection.  The most durable ventilation is knotted, whereas the least durable is injected.  All 3 ventilation methods have their advantages.   Knotted skin often looks very good with undetectable knots, but they can be visible under certain conditions.  V-loop ventilation is very natural (despite what you may occasionally read). Injected ventilation for mens hair pieces and womens hair pieces costs more and can take longer to manufacture.  

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