What Is Special About A Skin Hairpiece?

There was a time when hairpieces were constructed on lace bases only but now we have Polyurethane skin or Bio skin bases which are favorite of many. Skin-made men’s hair systems can be constructed as full-caps and partial caps.

Let’s explore what is so special about skin systems--

Skin hairpieces are very thin in texture. So thin, that they tend to appear invisible. This is the best feature of skin hairpieces. If the buyer can properly match the color of the skin base with the color of his skin, after the hairpiece is worn, the base will look invisible.

Skins, especially bio skins are stretchy and so the hairpiece can be constructed in a way that it can fit along the curvature of the scalp. This is why skin bases are mostly used in making fully customized hair systems.

Sticking adhesive tapes is easier with the skin pieces than the lace ones. This is why even in lace hair systems we often put Poly borders along the full perimeter or only on the sides and backs. Those are the areas where glue tapes are supposed to be attached.

Skin bases are very soft and comfortable to wear. Although those are synthetic substances, they do not make any harm to human skin. Polyurethane becomes chemically inert, after production.

Skin hair systems give an impression as if hair has grown right from the base.

This base is very much suitable and advisable for those who suffer from full balding. Full-cap skin hairpieces are very light-weight and even if the wearer keeps it on round the clock, he will not feel a least discomfort.

Skin hairpieces stick to the scalp perfectly. The wearer can swim, take bath, run and sleep overnight putting it on without getting worried about displacement.