What is a Poly?

If you have made a tour of our website, you must have noticed how frequently we have mentioned about Poly while speaking about hairpieces for men. Poly is the key material in the contemporary hairpiece industry.

Poly or Polyurethane is a polymer, produced by mixing isocyanate and polyols. The chemical mixing leads to a set of reactions. When the resultant is produced, it becomes chemically inert.
Poly can be produced in a variety of thickness, density and hardness. Poly sheets used in hairpiece industry are thin, soft sheets that do not make any harm to the human skin.

There are two ways Poly sheets are used in the hairpiece industry--

As a Base
Thin Polyurethane bases are usually known as ‘skin’ bases. Hairpieces are constructed by knotting or injecting hair into these bases.
Poly skin bases are super thin, so thin that after the user wears the hairpiece, the base tends to appear almost invisible.
Besides it’s stretchy enough to fit along the curvature of the scalp.
Poly skin hairpieces create an illusion of natural hair, as grown from the scalp. Undetectable hairline and completely natural appearance are two key features of super thin Poly skin bases.

As a Border
Thick Poly borders help in adhesion. Glue tapes are normally stuck at the fringes of a hairpiece and if the fringes are covered with a thick Poly sheet, then sticking the tapes become easy.
So Poly borders are often sewn around the full perimeter or on the sides and backs of the lace, skin and monofilament hairpiece bases.

Besides, if there’s a border then it becomes easier to take the hairpiece off and re-stick frequently. Users who swap hair systems often, should opt for the pieces fringed with Poly borders.

Apart from all these, Poly borders also provide durability to the hairpiece bases.