What Is A Bleached Knot?

If you have never worn a hairpiece but considering to buy one and doing researches on the web about hairpieces, you may have bumped on the term ‘bleached knot’ quite often and wondered what is it all about.

Before we answer, we should explain how a hairpiece is constructed. First a base is chosen and cut to a specific size. The base material can be any kind of lace, Polyurethane skin, Bio skin or monofilament. The hairpiece maker then pick each single strand of hair, one by one, and ties it to the base.

We call it hair attachment process. A small tool is used to insert the hair and tie a knot. Although the knots are too tiny catch attention, people standing very close to the wearer may identify that instead of hair pores of natural hair, there are certain dots on the scalp.

And they can figure out it’s a hairpiece. Even if the base looks invisible, bleaching the knots becomes important to make sure that there are no black dots, noticeable, on the base and the wearer can enjoy a natural appearance.

Bleached knots provide an illusion of natural hair as if the hair has grown right from the scalp. In our case, since we use 100% Remy Human hair in all of our hairpieces, bleached knots enhance the undetectable hairline factor.

The effect turns out especially brilliant if the chosen hairpiece hair color is blonde and light brown as the bleached edge becomes more unidentifiable.

There are many hairpiece suppliers who charge extra for bleaching the knots. We do it for free, be it a stock lace toupee or a custom Bio skin hair system since we consider this as an essential deliverable to our customers.

We take pride in our premium quality, natural looking hairpieces and bleached knots add to the construction process. So there’s no question of charging anything extra.