What Are The Benefits Of Using A Skin Hairpiece

Sometimes our customers find themselves in two minds-- should they go for skin hairpieces or order for lace ones. Both the varieties are good and capable to provide you with a completely natural look. Some people do not prefer lace meshes and skin pieces are meant for them.

Below are the key benefits--

These hairpieces are specially known to provide undetectable hairlines to the wearers. Since skin bases are available in a range of colors like pink, light pink, light brown, dark brown, flesh, clear etc, it is easy to match your skin color almost exactly with the skin base.

Skin bases are superfine in texture and these are so thin that after spending a couple of hours wearing the hairpiece you will forget that you are wearing something.

Skin bases are very soft and our ‘Bio Skin’ variety actually feels like human skin.

Most of the skin bases are made of Polyurethane and so are stretchy enough to provide a comfortable feel to the wearers.

Skin bases have a reputation of becoming invisible to human eyes. Even people standing very close will not be able to identify that something artificial has been worn.

Adhesion is good with the skin toupees. Sometimes users prefer a thicker poly border around the full perimeter or only on the sides and back so that they can stick glue tapes more easily. Poly borders help in easy removal and re-sticking.

Skin hair systems are ideal for those who wear full-cap hairpieces. The material smoothly fits along the curvature of the scalp and prevents air-bubbling.

Any kind of styling and waving can be done on these pieces. Hair can be injected or knotted. You can choose the hair density, gray percentage and hair color.

Skin hairpieces can last up to 6 months, provided you have taken care of them and followed the maintenance