Uncover the best hollywood lace maintenance hacks

When you buy a hollywood lace you expect to enjoy a number of benefits. However, just like any other lifestyle accessory, the hair pieces for men can offer you the advantages only if you take good care of your hair unit. It translates to maintaining your hair units on a periodical basis following the ideal instructions. However, many times it seems that your hair unit needs some special care. In such cases it is recommendable to follow the expert tips and best practical hacks to revive a dull looking hair pieces for men. In this blog we are going to reveal a few selected secrets and hacks to enhance your hair unit’s look and stamina:

Don’t use hot water

 Many people have the notion that using the hot water will make it easier to detangle the hollywood lace and wash them with least efforts. The reality however is that it can do an irreparable damage to your hair pieces for men s in the long run.

·       Your hollywood lace strands cannot tolerate the continuous contact with the hot water and it will also interfere with the original strength of the knots

·       As the result it will result in breakages and hair shedding. SO always use the cold water while washing you hair pieces for men.

Avoid scrubbing your hair units while drying

Scrubbing your hollywood lace or even brushing it with a hair unit friendly brush is not recommended until the hair pieces for men is fully dried.

·       You need to allow sufficient time to your hair unit so that it should fully dry and then you can brush it as brushing a wet hollywood lace can cause tangles.

·        Many people wrings, squeeze stain or apply other brisk methods to quickly dry the hair unit

·       These methods can eventually make your hollywood lace weaker and result in a quick wear and tear

·       It is better have some patience and gently dab the hollywood lace after wrapping it into a fluffy towel.

Where to dry your hair unit?

Many people just put their hair unit into their drawers or hang it in the sun to quicken the process of drying. Both the approaches are wrong. Never store the wet hair unit as unit can catch various ambient particles

·       The best way to dry a hair unit is to buy hair unit mannequin and hang it there

·       You can also buy hair unit hangers of a good quality and hang it on the same to dry your hair unit


If you expect your hair unit to offer you an awesome look and maximum convenience then be prepared to put into your efforts for taking best care of your hair unit. A hair unit is frequently exposed to different factors that influence its strength and looks like dust, pollution, heat etc. The regular care allows your hair unit to regain its moisture and flexibility and also revive its overall appeal. In this blog we discussed about the best ways to take proper care of your hair units. It is worth mentioning that these ways are practical and the results are achievable. By following this guide you would be able to reap the maximum benefits out of your hair unit.