Things You Can Do With Your Lace Toupee On

Customers sometimes hesitate to order for a lace hairpiece since they think that the pieces won’t last very long as those are constructed on a lace base. They also fear that probably they won’t be able to resume their normal lifestyle while putting the hair system on.


We humbly tell them that’s a complete misconception.

How long a hairpiece will last that depends on three things—the quality of the base, craftsmanship and how the customer is handling the piece.

Some people like the softness of the cotton woven lace while others like synthetically produced stretchy thin skin or bio skin. This is why we have kept all the options on our website so that customers can pick what they want.

We get many calls every day on our phone lines and callers often ask us whether they can attend Gyms, go for a cycle ride or swim when the lace hairpiece is on. The answer is yes. You can enjoy such activities while wearing a hairpiece.

A hairpiece is attached to the scalp with the help of glue tapes on the sides. We always use best quality glue so that the hairpiece remains fixed, no matter what.

When you have comfortably fixed it, you won’t actually feel that you are wearing something on your head. You can sleep overnight without taking it off and take a shower too. There’s no need to remove.

But customers need to remove the pieces from time to time for washing or to swap. Both removal and reattachment is easy if the lace bases are added with poly borders.

People with practiced hands, who are wearing the lace toupees for many years now can manage without these borders but if someone is new, chances are high that he may tear the base while reattaching the piece.