There’s No Harm In Waiting For Custom Hairpieces

There’s a common concern among the hairpiece users, at least among those we have come across or talked to-- which one is a wise buy, a custom hairpiece or a ready-made stock toupee. Some people always prefer hairpieces to be custom made only while there are others who are happy with the stock hairpieces.

“People of our time want everything ‘now’. I am not saying that the next option they usually keep is ‘never’ but maybe ‘later’. But in case of hairpieces that kind of simplification does not occur. It’s absolutely about choice— whether a stock toupee now or a custom toupee to be delivered after a month.

“There are people who order for stock toupees only. At the same time we have customers who never wear anything other than the custom systems,” says the marketing Spokesperson of Hairpiece Warehouse.

The company is into hairpiece selling for more than a decade now and they have earned quite a name among the salon chains of US and abroad. They supply everywhere, at any place or corner of the world where courier companies can serve.

Their pan international clientele is something they can actually boast of. “When we started almost 14 years back, hairpiece was still a necessity. People saw it as an essential cover up for balding and we mostly got customers who were suffering from genetic alopecia or lost their hair due to chemotherapy, stress or any kind of medical condition.

“But for the last four to five years, it has become a trend, thanks to its wide usage by the entertainers. Even teens started buying. Remember that scene of ‘Hannah Montana, the Movie’ when Miley takes off her hairpiece? That was 2009 and since then we are observing teens too are gravitated toward hairpieces,” he says.

And we have validations for this comment. Not only are the teens, people of all ages embracing hairpieces as an essential and functional accessory. When the US economy finally got recovered from the hit of recession, people again had their purses filled with a good amount of disposable cash. This is why since 2010 we can observe the hairpiece industry has picked up a pace and there’s no sign of slowing down. 

Jeremy Edwards, the IBISWorld Industry analyst has also explained in a recent study that in US, most of the hairpieces sold are custom hairpieces. This shows a positive attitude of US buyers toward the hairpiece trend. A custom hairpiece takes time to get constructed. Delivery of such pieces are not immediate. Still the buyers don’t mind to wait which is a good sign.

“On an average you’d have to wait for at least one month, if not more, to get a custom hairpiece delivered at your doorstep. And you see, there’s no harm in waiting since what you will be getting at the end of this long waiting period, is something that will enhance or improve your look remarkably,” says the Spokesperson.

The best part of custom hairpiece is that it fits perfectly along the natural hairline of the wearer and unless you part your hairpiece hair and show someone that this is not ‘original’, people can hardly guess.

“We even make custom hairpieces that let you flaunt up-dos,” he smiles.