The Pluses Of Ordering A Custom Hairpiece

Custom hairpieces are exclusive hair systems, uniquely designed for an individual. These are as good as custom clothes or shoes that you have tailored according to your specific choices and needs.

If you can afford to wait for a few weeks, you can always go for a custom hairpiece. Although normally it takes 7 to 9 weeks to get a custom toupee ready but if you are willing to shell out an extra amount, it can be delivered within 5 weeks.

Below are the pluses--

You can choose from a range of skin, lace and monofilament bases. You can go for super thin Bio Skin or add a polyurethane border around the full perimeter. You will decide the base completely.

You can choose the color, hair style and the waving pattern. If the style you are looking for does not match with any of the options mentioned in the list and you want a replication of the toupee you are currently using, you can also ask for

You can customize the hair length, hair density and gray percentage.

You can select a base color that perfectly matches your complexion. All the bases mentioned above are available in a range of colors. That’s why custom hairpieces can provide undetectable

Since custom toupees are constructed on fine lace meshes or super-thin skin materials, these pieces perfectly fit along the curvature of the scalps. They fit so nicely that the edges merge smoothly with the natural hairline.

Apart from the standard features available, these toupees can be further customized by mentioning any specific style, highlight option, parting etc.

Poly borders provide a better adhesion and also make removals easy.

You can wear the custom pieces round the clock and resume your normal lifestyle. You can swim, take bath, run or sleep for hours.