The Hairpiece Fashion for Men

Men are more susceptible to quick hair losses than women, in general. The reasons are genetic in most of the cases and so hairpieces for men become essential accessories to buy if they want to retain their youthful looks for a long time and keep impressing people, be it on a professional or personal level. 

Wearing a hairpiece or a toupee is a trend that officially originated at the baroque age and became a quintessential elite fashion across Europe later on. With the advancement in technology the products became more polished and more capable of providing a natural look to the wearers.

The entertainment industry contributed a lot in the evolution of the hairpieces and made them more professional looking. Specially the film industry directly took part in the process as make-up artists started crafting toupees frequently for the actors. They had to invent techniques so that the pieces can dodge the camera even when the actors are in a tight-frame super close-up shot.

Over the time, other entertainers too, specially the singers and stage performers started using hairpieces and made the trend more popular. Since then the fashion has been continued and spread among the commons. As the market gradually grew bigger, that triggered new experiments to make the products more and more affordable.

Today, researches are on to find new kind of base materials and hair weaving methods so that to provide more comfort, hygiene, customization and durability. Contemporary top-grade, quality hairpieces are made of lace or skin bases. Skin bases are specially suitable for making customized hairpieces as the superfine skins can easily fit along the curvature of the scalp.

French lace and Swiss lace are the materials, chiefly used in ready-made stock hairpieces. These pieces provide enough ventilation and prevent any kind of bacterial growth on the scalp. There was a time when people had to take off the toupees daily, specially while taking a bath or sleeping in the night.

Modern hairpieces are so made that they can be worn round the clock but of course the pieces need to be kept away from any sulfate solution or exposure and also should be cleaned regularly.

Type of hair used in the hairpieces is a concern for many buyers. Good quality pieces are made of 100% human remy hair imparting a luxurious look. But how well the hairpiece will fit on the scalp depends on the information provided to the supplier. If you choose a wrong base color, you can end up with a disappointment.