The Checklist Before Buying A Hairpiece Online

Buying a men’s hair replacement online is never a concern if you know the things you need to check before placing an order. A good quality hairpiece roughly costs around $150. It’s not that expensive but after all you will need to shell out your hard-earned money.

So be particular and go by the checklist below before you add to cart.

How old is the website/company?

This is the first parameter you need to consider. Since web has made it easy for the low-grade upstart companies to launch a website, pay for PPC campaigns and Ad banners to draw attention of the users, you can be fooled by the gloss easily. Finally when the hairpiece will arrive, you will know why you should always buy from the reputed sites.

It’s applicable for anything you buy online, not only toupees. Always prefer sites that are on the web for more than 10 years.

How good is the inventory?

Spend time on the site and see how good is their inventory that means how many products they have in offer or how many customization options are there. Do not ever buy from the sites that have only three to four options.

Testimonials are good but we hope you know that these days many sites upload fake reviews. You can never figure out whether those are real or manipulated by the site owner. So, do not always trust the reviews.

Use your own intuition and common sense.

Knowledge Sharing

Any company that values best practices wants to spread knowledge and awareness about the products in general. Always prefer sites that not only have pages filled with relevant information but also maintain a blog or article section where they frequently post generic write-ups on the products.

That’s the indicator of a genuine seller. They always want the buyers to know everything so that no one can ever fool them.

100% Remy Human Hair

You should always buy hairpieces that are constructed with 100% Remy Human Hair. That’s the finest quality hair which looks shiny and luxurious. The best part is cuticles are kept intact so that it looks like real hair.

Swiss Lace/Thin Skin

Always prefer sites that offer hairpieces in fine Swiss lace and super-thin Bio skin bases. Such bases appear as almost invisible and injecting or knotting hair into these bases requires a good craftsmanship. If a site keeps these options in their inventory along with French lace, thin skin and monofilament bases, you can be rest assured that their hairpiece makers are highly skilled.