The best hacks to fix your hair replacement systems

Everyone wants to sport best looks with their hair replacement systems. However, along with the rewards the mens toupee also comes with some responsibilities. So, in order to reap the best rewards out of your hair unit you should be prepared to invest the right amount of care to enhance its appeal, strength and flexibility. In this blog we are going to mention some of the best ways to maintain your hair unit without complicating your daily schedule. This way you would be able to provide best care to your hair unit with the least efforts:


Fabric softener to clean synthetic hair replacement systems

If you are wearing a synthetic mens toupee then to would be better to use a right type of fabric softener. There are a number of benefits when you use the fabric softener for washing your hair replacement systems:

·       Unlike the harsh detergents it does not have any strong chemicals or high quantity of powerful substances

·       Fabric softener is especially prepared to offer a perfect care to your fabric and the synthetic hair replacement systems also use the material that will get benefit from fabric softener

·       Make sure to buy the right type of friendly fabric conditioner produced by a reputed brand.

How to dry up your mens toupee the right way?

Drying up your mens toupee after washing it may seem to be a bit difficult but it actually isn’t that tough. However, you have to keep in mind the material of your hair replacement systems. Different types of material have different tolerance to drying techniques:

·       For instance if you wear a human hair replacement systems then you may use the blow dryer keeping it at the low heat, just in case you need to wear the mens toupee immediately

·       However, the preferred method is to air dry it by hanging it appropriately on the hair replacement systems hanger or a mannequin

·       In case if you don’t have any of them then you may also choose a vase with the right width to air dries your hair unit.

Scheduling the drying process for synthetic hair units

If you are wearing synthetic mens toupee then make sure to schedule the washing process in such a way so that you have enough time to air dry it. For instance if you wish to wear the hair unit in the mid day then it would be a good option to wash it early in the morning so that you have the enough time in between to allow it to dry naturally.

·       Many people fail to schedule the time properly and then they get it dried quickly by using heat devices or keeping the hair units in the sun

·       While keeping your synthetic hair units in the sun is not a right thing to do, heat drying is outright dangerous for its hair strands

·       So it is best to schedule your hair unit washing process wisely.


Many people have the notion premium hair units don’t need any specific maintenance care due to their high quality material. The truth however, is that regardless of the type or material of your hair unit you need to invest a good amount of care on a regular basis. In this blog we mentioned some of the best ways to take care of your hair unit. The readers are advised to properly follow the mentioned tips to enjoy the best benefits and enhance the appeal of their hair unit.