Swiss Lace Base Or French Lace Base

Hairpieces or toupees are normally constructed on lace bases, skin bases or monofilaments. Both Swiss lace and French lace are hugely used since these soft lace meshes can provide undetectable hairlines and 100% natural look. These meshes are different from each other in terms of their cell structures and this difference is not easily identifiable. 

Sometimes our customers get confused between these two choices. They ask for our help to guide them on the kind of lace base they should opt for. The first thing that we ask them is, whether they are frequent users of toupees or they will be wearing hairpieces for the first time. This information does matter since first time users need stronger and more durable bases.

Swiss Lace is thinner than French Lace and more susceptible to damage. We always recommend French Lace toupees to the customers who are new in hairpiece fashion.

While combing, brushing, cleaning, applying or removing the hairpieces, new users often tear the ultra soft Swiss Lace bases. But that’s not a pattern of course and we have seen a couple of first timers handling pieces very nicely.

But to be on the safe side, if you are buying it for the first time, you should go for the French Lace toupee. After you have got accustomed with the system and its maintenance, you can order for a Swiss Lace toupee

Both the bases can be added with polyurethane borders along the full perimeter or only on the sides and backs. These borders provide better adhesion of the pieces as using glue tapes becomes more easier with the Poly borders.

Lace bases are very comfortable to wear as these are well ventilated. There is no chance of bacterial growth and the hairlines becomes absolutely invisible.