Secure your Toupee well by applying a combo of glue and tape

Weft or toupees are two of the most popular types of artificial hair solution available in the market. One of the major difference between the two is that the for the latter you need to use tape or glue as an adhesive.

These tapes or glues fix the attachment to the scalp and keep it secured for a specific period. Depending upon the quality these adhesive aids can keep your hair secured even during more demanding activities like playing sports or even taking showers.

 The tapes can further be broken down into different categories. The most common categories are:

·    Mini Tapes

·       Strips

·       Lace Front Tape

·       Rolls

·       Contour tapes

Each category has different quality material and strength and the durability range is between one and three weeks.

 Glue is water-based adhesives to secure your hair and you would need to be extra cautious while buying a glue. You can buy cheap hair glue containing chemicals like latex and formaldehyde to save you some amount or choose to invest decently in a fine quality skin-friendly glue. Of course, it would be wiser to go with the latter option.

Note: It also means that you should carefully look or the ingredients and check it contains names like latex, formaldehyde or other harmful chemicals.

 What is the better way to attach toupee- Glue or tape?

By now you should have discerned that Tapes are best for convenience and glue is best for strength.

 Moreover, Glue is more demanding and you would need to be overcautious if you still have his partial hair. If not adequately removed using safe methods the glue can cause permanent damage to your remaining hair. The glue’s advantages are equally impressive. They are transparent, stronger and last for a longer time.

 A modest approach would be to strategically use tape as well as glue for attaching the hair. Apply glue to the parts that can easily be noticed like the front hairline. For such a section, you need a transparent and sure solution adhesive. Tape doesn’t meet the criteria as it is easily obvious. So, you can consider using glue on that part. Another section remains unnoticed by the people so there you can use tape.

 How to apply the combo of tape and glue?

 Before you apply the glue, it is advisable to clear your scalp very well and ensuring that there is not dust/particle on your head before you apply glue as it can irritate your skin and cause issues.

If you wish to apply tape as well as glue then you would most like be repositioning the hair or adjusting it to align well with your facial features. Apply glue keeps the hair stick to a specific place and thus you need to apply the glue only after applying the tape.

Step by step guide

·       Carefully mark your hair’s frontline and make sure that you are fine with the space between forehead is

·       Next, begin by attaching Tape to the toupee, around perimeter avoiding the front hairline area, this area is the part at the front of the toupee between both temples.

·       Keep the outer backing on the Tape. The general recommended width is 3-4 fingers between hairline and eyebrows.

·       In case the edges of the toupee are being obstructed by the toupee’s hair then you can carefully clip your hair back

·       Attach the toupee’s temples to your scalp and carefully ensure that it is positioned correctly by checking the back a well as sides.

·       Now press down the hair replacement and so that the tape gets properly stick to the skin.

·        Use a hair clip to gently pull backward your hair system’s front. The objective is to that making sure that there is no hair in the surrounding area. Now take a brush and spread the scalp keeping  1 inch away from toupee’ s edge/ you would need to repeat it 2-3 times.

·       Let the adhesive dry by leaving it undisturbed for around 15 minutes. Again press the top of the toupee your fingertips to make the attachments stronger.

·       Once you are fully sure that it has been attached very well then you can start combing, arranging your hair. Start with gentle slow motions and avoid quick more or energetic actions.


 You can secure your hairpieces with glue or tape. However many people prefer using both which is not a bad idea when done wisely. The glue offers strength while the ape allows fro more convenience/ so an excellent strategy would be to apply tape at the portions that are publicly visible while the glue can be applied to the portions that generally remain hidden from the public.