Save Money, Switch to Custom Hairpieces

Do you see baldness as a real problem? Considering the latest technology in hair replacement, you really should not get bothered at all if you get your hairline receded or see a small bald patch, developing in the middle of your scalp.

A couple of decades back, people used to rush to expensive transplant sessions. But now you can get a custom hairpiece made just for you in exchange of a moderate amount spent. These pieces fit so nicely that you will tend to forget you are wearing a hair system. 

You may feel skeptical and probably think of the Salon Ad, one that promises a true-value hair transplant in exchange of a huge sum of money! We are not against Salons and hair transplants. They are good in their own way. All we want to say is if you can get another option which is cost-effective, easy to get and very much satisfactory, why would you not consider exploring? Many of our existing customers initially felt inhibited. They used to think that wearing hair systems will make them look unnatural. They also felt worried about the comfort issues. But with the modern monofilament or bio-skin technology, none of these are actually issues.   

Modern hair systems are made of very thin polyurethane skins. Hairs are either injected or knotted with this skin and that is done in a way that the inside layer, in contact with the scalp, remains smooth enough. There is no chance of itching or skin irritation as these systems are so made that they can allow enough ventilation. You won’t need to remove it while sleeping or taking a bath. But for the sake of making the product last longer, you just need to switch to sulfate-free shampoo and conditioners.