Right Or Left: Which Side Do You Part Your Hair?

Have you ever wondered why do you part your hair on the left or right, in whichever direction your do normally? Does it come as imitating any role model of yours or you do it naturally, the way it feels like? Every person has a choice of parting and that preference either comes spontaneously or consciously.

Whichever is the reason, parting of hair reflects his personality and behavioral traits. In general there are conventions regarding left and right parting among men and women. But of course there are rule-breakers and trendsetters.

Left Parting

This is very typical men’s style parting, in vogue both in the past and in contemporary time. This preference is said to be more ‘natural’ for men. The Walters theory tells us that men with left parting are traditional and show very strong masculine traits.They are generally very successful and popular. 

If we take a look among contemporary celebrities like Brad Pitt, George Clooney, David Beckham, Enrique Iglesias, they all flaunt left parting. Enrique sometimes tried right parting but it seems that didn’t suit him much.

Most of his custom hair systems are styled with slightly disarranged left parting and he does look dashing in that. We, of course, should leave some credits to his hairpiece maker. The hair systems look so natural on him.

Speaking about women with left parting the Walters theory says those are very bold women, intelligent and reliable. And the most glamorous examples are Angelina Jolie and Late Princess Diana.

Nicole Kidman also sport it sometimes but she does like changing her looks by changing the parting and so we have seen her in right, left, middle and no parting as well.

Right Parting

Although it has been marked as quite unusual for men by the Walters, we did have men of the past who broke the rule and carried the style with such a pride. The first name that comes in our mind is Cary Grant, the classic Hollywood icon of manliness.

This may or may not have inspired Daniel Radcliffe but he flaunts right parting too and so does Tom Cruise, the heartthrob of millions of women across the globe. The Walters’ take on this is although this kind of parting is not quite proper for average men, those who are very attractive and confident can make the most out of it.

Among women, this side parting is most common and is considered to be very feminine. Think about Taylor Swift.

Middle Parting or No Parting

The Walters say, those who part hair right at the middle of their scalp or do not go for parting the hair at all, are trustworthy and balanced people. So we can say that Demi Moore, Bradley Cooper and Johnny Depp should be counted as very balanced people.
But we think we should add another personality trait with this kind of hair parting-- Determination. Just go through the pictures of these three celebrities. We are sure you can catch the glimpse of the fire inside them, especially in Depp.
Katy Perry, when not wearing a hairpiece, does flaunt a very neat middle parting. But her recent pixie cut hair systems are mostly styled in side parting.

Whatever it is, whichever side you choose, you should feel great. That is what actually matters.