Remy Hair is always the best

While buying a stock hairpiece or custom hair replacement you need to check the quality issues. Although most people generally inquire about the base, its thickness, invisibility and so on, they tend to ignore the quality of the hair which they should not.

After all, hair is what people will look at. You may feel the comfort on the scalp but what lies on the top will actually draw attention. Only styling, waving or hair color will not help you, the hair should look shiny, silky and luxurious.

At the same time it should look ‘original’. How? Natural hair has cuticle but you shall never find cuticles in cheap wig hairs.

This is how hairpieces are different from normal wigs. Any good-grade hairpiece will never use anything other than Remy Hair.

All of our toupees are made of 100% Remy Human Hair. Our hairpiece makers hand-tie these hairs to the base and that is done with such a precision that cuticles are never damaged.

Keeping the cuticles intact is important because that is the ‘key’ factor to make a hairpiece look natural. If not, then people standing too close can easily identify that the hair which seems to have grown right from your scalp doesn’t have a cuticle.

This is why if you want a completely natural look out of a hairpiece, Remy hair is a must. Of course this variety is costlier than other options and obviously adds to the price of the piece.

If this makes you take a step back from buying a good hairpiece then we would like to suggest that you should to wait for a while and start saving.

But please do not compromise with the quality. If a 100% Remy Human Hair hairpiece is making you cost $50 more than what you have planned to spend right now, please do not go for a cheaper option.

Instead start putting aside couple of bucks every day and keep learning about the hairpieces. Time will pass in a wink.