Prefer Adhesive-Attached Men’s Hair Systems

There are many ways one can attach or wear a hairpiece but the process largely depends on the type of hair system in use. Some pieces cannot be removed. Those are constructed that way and such kind of hairpieces need to be set and fixed in salons only.

The wearer cannot take it off without a salon help and normally such pieces are removed once in every six weeks. Meanwhile the wearer can take bath, swim and involve freely in all the normal activities. But the pitfall is if he wants to get it off, he won’t be able to do that on his own.

But why should things be that way? Look at the celebrities. They swap pieces to change styles almost every week, if not every day. You may not want to change styles too frequently but buying something that will stick to your scalp when you are dying to get rid of it is not a great idea.

This is why we prefer to keep our hairpieces adhesive-attached. This kind of pieces are absolutely easy to attach, remove and reattach, as and when intended by the wearer.

Your scalp needs to breathe fully sometimes, in spite of ample ventilation provided by the hairpiece. And so removing the piece once a week or once a fortnight is advised. You need to remove it for washing and cleaning too.

So, whenever you are buying a men’s hair system, make sure that it uses adhesives or both-side tapes. Wearing these pieces is simple. Read the instruction carefully and then locate the points on the scalp where you need to stick the tapes.

After sticking the tapes, put the hairpiece on, making sure that the edges have stuck well. We use very high quality glue so that it doesn’t damage the skin or trigger itching. To take off the hairpiece, gently detach the base from the tape using your fingers.