Polyurethane Borders Allow A Better Adhesion

Polyurethane borders around full perimeter or on the sides and back of the stock hairpieces provide a better adhesion and prevents the system from accidental displacement. Besides these borders allow easy removal, as and when required.

By wearing a hairpiece with a Poly border you can go for swimming without any worries. The hairpiece will never drop off.

Polyurethane is a synthetic material which is produced industrially by mixing two or more liquid streams. This might seem that the material is not safe to use but the fact is, it is not a bit reactive. After the production process is complete, the end-product becomes a fully reacted material which is chemically inert.

A chemically inert object can never trigger any kind of chemical reaction and does not damage the skin at all. That is why, it is safe to be used in the hairpiece construction. 

The greatest benefit of using a Poly border is to provide a better adhesion. Since this material is thicker than the lace mesh, glue tapes get a better support and can stick firmly on the scalp. Lace toupees with Poly borders can even allow the wearers to swim and run freely for hours. Besides it can withstand light to medium stretching of hairpiece hair.  

At the same time, the removal process is also easy. Hairpieces need to be removed from time to time for cleaning and washing and without a poly border this process becomes little difficult. 

Besides the Poly borders also provide a better durability to the hair systems. Although the lace bases are durable materials that cannot be torn, Poly borders further enhance their capacity to bear stretches.

The thickness and quality of Poly borders do vary but they are available at a range of colors so the hairpiece can provide an undetectable hairline.