Most Entertainers Cannot Live Without Hairpieces

Just a year back Ariana Grande revealed a secret. Her natural hair is absolutely a mess and she wears hair extensions frequently. Beyonce knowles hardly makes any public appearance without wearing a lace toupee. And we all know how Lady Gaga is fond of her hair extensions and we love the way she flaunts it.

“Most entertainers cannot live without hairpieces since they do not want to compromise with their looks. They simply do not have any inhibition in experimenting with different hair colors and styles. And most importantly, they do not just care about what gossip journalists comment about it”, says the chief marketing spokesperson of Hairpiece Warehouse.

The company is into hairpiece construction for almost two decades and they have earned a name among the salon chains of the US and abroad. They also serve individual customers and customize toupees for them. Anyone can order online by visiting their website. The procedure is simple and there are instruction pages to help the buyers. Their hairpieces are made of 100% human remy hair, constructed on a variety of lace and skin bases.

“Hairpieces had been in fashion since the baroque age and at that time it was a sign of aristocracy. A dignitary or a member of Royal Court had to wear these pieces as that was the dress code. The trend gradually disappeared later on and the usage of hairpieces got limited during the past century. But the entertainers kept depending on them and it is for their needs that R&D in this field went on. 

“Hollywood has been the trendsetter. We all know how John Travolta or Charlie Sheen loves to wear them. It’s not about wearing in a movie, as a character, actors do wear them in their real lives, specially when they are attending a special occasion. We have such rumors that Angelina Jolie wore hairpieces in many red carpet events”, he comments.

And why should not the entertainers wear them? Every individual wants to look great and since the entertainment industry banks chiefly on good looks, hairpiece or toupee has become one of the most essential accessories for the celebrities. They change them like clothes and pair them with their attires. 

People do notice and easily figure out that these frequent changes in look are because of hairpieces. Fans in fact enjoy these switches. They love to see their role models as vibrant style icons. 

“Celebrities are the ones who are in too much focus and media tends make a news out of everything they do. Highlighting their hairpiece fashion is a part of it. But we know that the commoners too are regular wearers. One of the most prominent reasons for their choice is that hairpieces are a lot cheaper than transplant sessions.

“You can get one for $150 approximately whereas for a transplant session you will need to shell out thousands of dollars, that too not being sure whether you will get any result or not. And that’s why a hairpiece is a wise choice, be it for a celebrity or a common man like you and me”, he chuckles and concludes.