Monofilament With Poly Border Has The Best Durability

Of all the bases available for construction of custom hairpieces, our monofilament base is the best in terms of durability. And this is not just a statement. We can vouch for it.

When we first introduced this base, some of the customers were a bit apprehensive but later we got our mailboxes flooded with positive responses and the most common feedback was-- this has got the best durability.

We took time to test its acceptability and who else could we go for other than our best customers. 

So, before launching the monofilament product we sent samples to a few selected customers who had been consistent buyers since inception. Till today they are. 

They have tried almost all the varieties of our hairpieces and their opinions are valuable to us.

Some of them are consistent lace toupee users. They do have a couple of skin hairpieces but prefer the ventilation and softness of lace meshes. 

We specifically recommended them this new base since Monofilament is a special kind of fabric only. They were skeptical but agreed to give it a try and after wearing the monofilament toupee for 48 hours they got back to us with lots of praises. 

This base is so transparent that it can create a chameleon effect and its gauze-like texture allows good ventilation. These features made a good impression on them. 

But we had to check another parameter and that was durability. We requested those selected customers to keep wearing the pieces for as long as possible. They did and kept us updated about their activities. 

Over the time we noticed that it had been more than four months and some of the customers were still using it.

Three of them used the piece for more than six months.

Now this is rare but at least it proved that if properly handled our monofilament bases can last up to six months.

This is why we claim that this base has got the best durability.