Mens Toupee a Cost Effective Method To Enhance Your Looks

Hair Replacement system is a great way to overcome the baldness and thinning of hair. Men generally get the hair loss on the upper head. Mens toupees are designed to cover the small bald spots on the head. But before diving in let's hear out some statistics.

There are many reasons for getting hair related issues. But one cause of this type of baldness is genetics, or we can say it is inherited from the ancestors. Human sex hormones are related to this condition. These hormones are called androgens. Androgens regulate hair growth and this will cause hair fall. The name androgenic alopecia comes from the name of androgen hormones.

Mens Toupee is quite different from the other systems. A unique feature is that it only covers the top of the head. This results in cost-effectiveness as most of the men lose hair on the top rather than on the side and back.

Hair replacement systems

There are two types of hair replacement systems.

1.  Surgical hair replacement system.

2.  Non-surgical hair replacement system.

Surgical hair replacement is quite risky. The reason is that it consists of small surgeries and transplanting our body hair on the head. It may cause infection after this treatment so it will be a wise choice to avoid the same. With this being the disadvantage another one is patchy hair, if treatment doesn't go well you may have patchy hairs which you surely won't like after spending thousands of dollars.

The cost of surgical hair transplant is quite expensive. Spending a lot of money on hair treatment and getting some poor results will indeed be a huge loss for you in terms of money.

In the contrary, non-surgical hair replacement system is safe and secure instead of surgical treatment. In this system, trichologist suggests wig, toupee, weaves. Most people go with the option of the wig. Because it is easily removable and you can wear them whenever you want. Weaves are the hair wigs that are made up of your natural hair. But if you are bald you are not able to sew weaves with your hair.

What makes Mens Toupee so interesting?

The most popular non-surgical hair replacement system is a toupee. Mens toupees are designed to cover the small bald spots on the head. You can choose the color of toupee, texture, styles that match your natural hair. A professional stylist can help to choose the perfect toupee for you. Using double-sided tape which allows one side to stick to the toupee and another side to the bald spot. The lifespan of tape is three to five weeks. It depends on the humidity, body temperature, and body oil. Another way to stick toupee is glue.

The latest and most effective results can be achieved with the help of Hollywood lace. It can last for 6-7 months. If you take proper care it will last for 12-13 months too. Toupee or wigs are not permanent. You have to change it whenever it gets detached. Mens toupee is interesting way to get rid of the baldness from the top. The side effect of tape and glue is when you stick it to the bald spot, Tape or glue blocks the pores of the scalp ultimately you damage your hair producing cells.

We can say, consuming healthy food and living stress free life will be the ideal solution to avoid such problems. Such treatments are risky which may also cause some serious damage to your body so if it is inherited then it’s okay to be bald. Bald people look manlier than others.