Men’s Hair Replacements For Women In Pixie Cut

Although the pixie cut trend got started in 1950s and made its way through the later decades, ‘90s was the time when more number of women picked it up. Post millennium almost one in five urban women was found sporting the look.


If the first trendsetter had been Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday, Halle Berry became the next generation pixie icon after Die Another Day. Her haircut in the film did set a new kind of uber-cool look, very aligned with the traits of millennium women-- bold, independent, sensual and stylish.

And now, after 12 years passed since then, if you ask any random city girl now, who is the coolest pixie queen of contemporary time, you may find them saying Michelle Williams or Anne Hathaway.

Now these two celeb girls do experiment with their own hair but some celebrities don’t. They rather buy hairpieces in pixie cuts and simply rock. The best example maybe is Katy Perry.

Two months back she uploaded a pic in Instagram and we got the opportunity to do a little sneak peek into her wardrobe, at least the shelves where she keeps an inventory of pixie cut hairpieces.

And her followers went wow! The post got viral in social media almost instantly with thousands of likes and shares. The display of pixies in a variety of cuts, colors and highlights was simply amazing. No doubt, one of the most celebrated singers of our time has got each piece custom designed for her.

We have seen her pixie looks in a number of occasions for some time now but have you seen the latest Moschino Ad? She looks the Diva, literally. How gorgeously she carries her hairpiece looks with no hush-hush. What we like the most is she doesn’t want to keep it a secret.

And this is one of the most appreciable qualities in her. Not only her, hairpieces of Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Adele and Rihanna have become open secrets now and these glam girls simply don’t mind.

This is how every woman should think. Whether they are placing orders for a long hair women’s hairpiece or short hair men’s hair replacement system which can be tailored and styled in a pixie way, they shouldn’t feel inhibited about it.

Women’s pixie hairpieces are not much different from men’s systems. In fact there’s no such difference between men’s pieces and women’s pieces. The hairpiece makers normally keep 6 inch hair length in the ready-made pieces so that both men and women can crop and style according to his/her choice.

Stock or ready-made hairpieces are ideal for pixie styling. These are readily delivered and women can customize either at home or get that done from a salon. They can choose from a range of colors. But if they want streaks, highlights or any special color which is not included in the order list, they can go for customization.

Custom hair systems may take longer time to get delivered but if there’s no hairpiece emergency, we shall recommend for this, highly, especially if somebody wants a one-of-its-kind pixie look.