Men Who Love To Flaunt Gray

Have you checked our hairpiece order forms? No? If you do you’ll find that in every form we ask our customers to mention what percentage of gray hair they will prefer in the mix. Whether you are willing to buy a lace stock toupee or a custom bio skin hairpiece, we keep our options open. 

Men nowadays prefer to keep their hair gray since that’s a kind of fashion-in and we do think that’s cool. Men in their ‘50s look more dashing with a hairstyle flaunting a considerable proportion of gray than coloring their hair in copper or chocolate brown shades.

Think about our celebrities. The trend is increasingly getting popular, not only among men but also among women. Especially we would like to cite examples of two ladies who have been flaunting very stylish men’s cut for a long time and they look simply stunning in gray-- Julie Andrews and Jamie Lee Curtis.

If we consider our own customer data, we frequently get orders from men who are in their ‘30s but want to keep a least percentage of gray in the hairpieces. Some of them even have mailed us snaps after wearing the pieces and they simply look great.

Turning to the celebs we have a number of entertainers and politicians who flaunt their gray hair.

The first name that comes to our mind is our very own president, Barack Obama. He doesn’t prefer to color his hair and our first lady too likes the idea, as she mentioned to the media.

Then we have Matt LeBlanc, better known as ‘Joey’ of ‘Friends’. He’s in his ‘40s and he looks so cool in gray. And last but not the least there’s Mr. Clooney. Have you seen his snaps with Amal? We always feel that he’s the one who steals the show, not the lady.