Make A Special Entry, Wherever You Go

 If you want to make a special entry wherever you go, hairpieces are helpful tools to polish your looks and make the heads spin. A stylishly designed, well-constructed, luxurious skin hairpiece, perfectly fitted along the curvature of your scalp with an undetectable hairline, can earn you a volume of attention.

Gone are those days when hairpieces were seen only as a cover-up for baldness or thinning hair mass. It is now a fashion accessory. Even if someone is not suffering from any kind of hair problem, he/she can turn to hairpieces to revamp the look.

It is simple to wear and you can resume all the normal activities without a slightest fear of drop-off. There is no need to take it off while taking a bath or sleeping for long hours. You can even swim, run and go for a beach vacation, wearing it all the time.

Superior quality hairpieces are constructed on lace bases, skin bases or monofilaments. Skins can be Thin Skin or Bio Skin.

Thin skins are ultra thin polyurethane sheets, harmless to human skin and soft in texture. That’s why apart from a great look, skin pieces are able to provide a great comfort to the wearer.

Bio Skins are one step ahead in comfort. These are super thin, invisible and stretchy materials. Bio-skin is specially recommended for those who need full cap hairpieces. 

Skins are specially meant for construction of fully customized hair replacement systems. You can choose the base color that matches your complexion. You can select the gray percentage, density, style, waving pattern, hair color and even the ventilation option.

Custom hairpieces are very special constructions since those are made according to the unique specifications mentioned by the client but these are not expensive. On an average it costs around $170.

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