Look Fabulous This Summer with Lace Front Hair Systems

Baldness is an embarrassment for many people. Many can’t afford costly hair replacement therapy and take recourse to wigs. Everybody wants to look their best, so it’s not easy to get the perfect toupee for men. Ill fitted wigs can cause humiliation in front of others leading to distress.

Fortunately, in the last decade, the hair replacement industry has gone through a revolution and has come up with unusual solutions. Lace front hair replacement is one of these magic that has convinced millions of users that wigs can be extremely comfortable.

What is The Lace Revolution?

Lace front hair systems have changed the concept of mens toupee for the better. The system has an invisible hairline that makes it look like your own. These systems are extremely popular in Hollywood and superbly stylish. Moreover, they are secure, strong, and sturdy.

How are they made?

Lace hair systems use panels constructed of original laces. The hair can be human, animal, or synthetic, depending on the choice of the user. The hair is directly sewn into the holes made through the laces. 

It is very easy to hold these systems. You can pin them up, glue, or tape them according to preference. Moreover, lace hair wigs can be attached using bobby pins or elastic bands.

Advantages of Disadvantages of This Hair Replacement System

Like every hair system, lace treatment also comes with its set of cons and pros. Let's go through some of these to get a fair idea about these hair pieces for men:


·       Lace hair systems cover the entire scalp and make them look natural

·       Lace systems are also extremely comfortable and don’t itch around the scalp area. You will feel absolutely nothing wearing an artificial wig

·       Another incredible benefit is the lacing system allows enough room for breathability. So, even when the temperature is high, it won't cause excessive sweating around your head

·       It is incredibly stylish to wear, and that's why Hollywood celebrities prefer it. These laces also protect your hair from excessive shine that damages hair roots


·       Lace system loses its shine faster than other toupees

·       It is also quite costly and isn’t preferred by average customers

·       Requires a lot of maintenance and extra care to keep these laces in place

How to care for Lace Hair Systems

Like your natural hair, lace front hair systems also require regular cleaning and storage. You need to wash and apply conditioner to maintain these wigs. If possible, apply moisture alternatively to maintain the shine.

It is also essential to store these systems properly for longer life. Store them away from direct sun rays, don’t take them close to heat and dust. Keep them at a safe place and away from children or pets.


Lace frontal systems are available across a wide range of colors and styles. You can pick up from curly, blonde, ponytails, raven, black, straight, and different other hairstyles. It is also especially good for people suffering from skin rashes or undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. So, get hold of your lace hair replacement systems today and be close to a Hollywood star.