Lace Toupee: The Most Economic Solution

The solutions for baldness, receded hairline or depleting hair masses are many but among all, lace toupee is the most economic. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars for transplant sessions or salon care knowing that it may not give you the desired results.

At worst, your scalp can get injured, as it often happens in transplant surgeries. 

On the other hand, by spending only $100+ you can buy a lace hairpiece, with or without a polyurethane border, that will fit along your hairline and hide all the compelling hair issues that are bothering you. These toupees are available for delivery anytime and are completely ready-to-wear.

These are constructed on the soft meshes of French or Swiss lace, very premium materials with a soft texture that provides enough ventilation to the scalp. Lace toupee bases make the wearers feel comfortable and provide a natural look since these are available in a number of shades.

You can select a base color from the range, one that matches your complexion and then place the order. By choosing the exact shade, you can get an absolutely undetectable hairline. Our customers gave very positive feedback on this regard.

Although the lace toupees are not customized hairpieces, we offer a little bit of customization. For a completely customized hair replacement system, we use fine skin bases instead of lace. The customers seeking custom toupees need to mention a number of specifications. Custom hairpieces cost more than lace toupees and take weeks to get delivered.

The price of French lace toupees can also vary according to the choice of polyurethane borders. Poly borders can be either around full perimeter or only on the sides and backs. The benefit of opting for these borders is that the hairpieces can be easily removed for cleaning and other purposes.

In any case, the prices will be a way less than the other solutions available and if you want to save your money and want to be free from worries as well, go for the lace toupees.