Lace Toupee Base, The Soft Mesh for Your Scalp

If you are among them who have rejected the idea of buying a hairpiece only because you fear an itching discomfort, let us share how the lace toupees are constructed.

When we say a lace base for a toupee, we mean the soft mesh, a lace fabric, with which the hair is either injected or knotted. In our own products we use only exclusive Swiss and French lace bases since these are top-notch in terms of quality.

A Swiss lace or a French lace toupee is a very comfortable wear that allows enough ventilation to the scalp so that no bacterial growth takes place. It leaves with a soft feel that enables the user wear the toupee round the clock even while taking a bath. Only the toupees need to be kept away from sulfate exposure. 

These lace hairpieces are often made of two different textures of lace to make the construction more durable. The frontal side is covered with a thinner lace so that the hairline seems more natural and undetectable while a thicker material covers the rear side. 

Lace hairpieces are different from the skin hairpieces in terms of the base material. Skins are normally used in crafting custom hair replacement systems.

If you want us to compare between lace and skin toupees that will be next to impossible since both the varieties are good. Of course, if someone is in urgent need, he/she will have to choose lace toupees since the ready-made pieces are crafted on lace.

For a perfect made-to-order hairpiece, one would have to wait for 7 to 9 weeks on an average or two weeks at least, if he has chosen a priority service.

Lace toupees on the other hand are always ready to be delivered with a range of styles to choose from.