Know Your Hairpiece Base: Lace, Skin And Monofilament

If you are planning to buy a hairpiece then the very first step should be to learn about the bases. The hairpiece base is the foundation of a hair system that determines comfort, ventilation, invisibility and durability. Be it a lace toupee or a skin hairpiece, you should never compromise with the quality of the base.

When you are buying online, as most of the wearers do now, it’s better to avoid new sellers. There’s no point in taking chances when you are spending $150 at least. Choose someone who is in this trade for at least 10 years. Check his inventory and then place the order.

Lace, skin and monofilament— these are the three bases, contemporary hairpiece industry works on.


What we traditionally know as lace is a finely woven piece of fabric, made of thread or yarn. This fabric is delicate, soft and especially favorite of women. It has tiny hollow cells, connected to each other much like a carbon bond. On the basis of the weaving process laces are classified into a number of types.

For hairpiece industry, a specially woven variety is produced which is better called a lace mesh. There are two kind of lace meshes— French Lace and Swiss Lace— normally used for hairpiece construction.

Swiss lace is finer than French lace and so is more delicate to handle. First time users should always go for French laces which are less likely to be torn. But at the same time, Swiss lace is far more invisible than the French lace.  


In hairpiece industry what we refer as skin is a chemically produced material called Polyurethane. This material can be produced as thin as a membrane. A superfine skin base is so light and soft that the wearer hardly feels the hairpiece on the scalp. 

A Skin can be a thin skin or a ‘Bio’ skin. It feels like human skin and thinner than ‘Thin’ skin. Polyurethane is completely safe for human skin as it’s a chemically inert substance. It doesn’t react with the skin.


It’s a synthetic material that has got a texture similar to that of a lace. This too has miniscule cells where the hair is tied or knotted. Unlike lace or skin, monofilament is strong enough to withstand stretch and tension. It does not get torn easily and when combined with a Polyurethane border it has got the best durability.