Is Maintaining Mens Hair Systems a Difficult Task?

Mens Hair systems are highly recommended to men experiencing spot baldness and excessive hair loss. Hair system doesn’t involve risk. Hair systems are designed using human hair by means of using adhesive glue, tapes, clips of by woven onto the scalp. Although hair system also known as hairpieces are popular in the adults who has genetical hair loss or aging hair loss.

Hair systems are easy to install, it results in quick overall look. In the past, there were only few standard hair systems available to wear which had no hairstyle. Due to recent technology and research, people are going for the custom hair systems. People can customize according to their preferred style. Hair Direct is one of the best ways to replace your hair and live a life full of hair.

The reason behind constantly or periodically washing the hairs is the oil and sweat coming through the skin of head. It often results in odor, hairs becoming oily, getting hair rough.

Maintenance of Mens Hair System

Mens Hair systems need period maintenance ranging from few weeks to few months. If not maintain the hairpiece gets loosens. Wearing a hairpiece is easy but removing and maintaining it is quite difficult.          

Step 1: Spray a Solvent

Step 2: Gently Lift

Step 3: Clean Hair System


Generally, hair direct removal solvent is used to loosen up the bond between the hairpiece and the adhesive. A good solvent makes easy to dilute the adhesive and makes the process seamless and painless. More importantly hairpiece doesn't get ruined by this if done correctly.

Solvent should not be a cheap product which has higher alcohol contents, oil based contents. Using a cheap product often lead to damaging your hairpiece. It is recommended to use a good solvent product which we recommend at our place.

The solvent is usually sprayed or release drop by drop to the hairpiece. Make sure to clip your hairs gently to avoid contact with the solvent. Get the nozzle of the solvent as close to the adhesive as possible and spray.

Make sure you spray enough solvent to wet the tape, so the hairpiece lifts gently.

Let the solvent do its thing! It will take about one to two minutes for the hairpiece to lift.

Once the bond is broken between the hairpiece and the adhesive, gently remove the hairpiece. Due to solvent the Hairpiece will release itself. Once the contact breaks, check the hairline and the clips and separate the Hairpiece with the scalp. If the hairpiece doesn’t lift, you can apply more solvent in order to release it.

It’s extremely important to handle your hair system with care during the removal process. Keep in mind that using too much pressure, being rough, or rushing the job will probably cost you some locks of hair.


After-process of Cleaning

You need to clean your hair system to remove any other or solvent impurities have build-up. If you want to increase the lifespan of your hair piece then the maintenance is necessary and the remote process should be completed carefully. Hairs can be shiny, strong and healthy just like a natural hair if you take good care of it. You can increase the lifespan of the hairpiece if the removal process and the maintenance process is done periodically and regularly. Follow the Hair direct methods and get the job done.