How to wash your human hair toupee without damaging it

Human hairpieces are significantly expensive than the synthetics ones and thus they need extensive care and maintenance. Also, these hairpieces are highly processed and more delicate than your real hair. So, you need to exercise specific care while working with your human hair toupees. In this blog we will present the best ways to take care of your human hair replacement systems throughout the entire washing procedure:


Washing your human hair replacement systems

Keep all the required washing products nearby. You may want to have a complete toupee washing kit that comes with shampoos conditioners and other related products needed for the complete cleaning procedure. 

·         Washing your human hair toupee without detangling them can cause knots and tangles. So before washing, detangle them thoroughly but gently. It is best to use your fingers but you may also use a toupee-friendly brush for the purpose.

·        Wash your hair replacement systems thoroughly under the tap water.

·        Avoid changing the direction of the hair replacement systems while washing as it can cause tangles and knots. If water runs in the same direction the toupee remains free of tangles and allows you to clean it smoothly and with fewer efforts.


Rinsing the shampoo off your toupee

 Once done with the washing proceeds, carefully rinse the shampoo off your human hair toupee. You may need to repeat the rinsing process a few times until the shampoo is fully rinsed off your hair.

·        After rinsing thus, wash your hair replacement systems under the running tap water avoid high pressure of water as it can damage the toupee.

·        While washing your toupee you can gently run fingers through it to ensure that the shampoo is completely removed and no trace is left behind.



 Post shampooing the hair is damp and it makes the conditioning easier. Take a little amount of conditioner and apply it to your fingertips. Gently work your fingers through your hair replacement systems properly applying conditioner to the hair.

·        Take special care not to touch the toupee cap as it may interfere with the knotted design and eventually lead to hair loss.

·        Under running tap water, rinse your toupee thoroughly.

·        You may also use  conditioner spray



Drying is another important activity where you need to take special care of your processed natural human hair replacement systems. Failing to do so, can cause irreparable damage.

·        Using a gentle pressure of both the hands, squeeze your hair replacement systems thoroughly starting from its top and gently making way down to the bottom.

·        Then lay the toupee on a clean dry towel so that extra moisture gets absorbed.

·        Avoid using regular hairbrushes or combs for your toupee.

·        Use the specifically designed hair brushes/combs for human hairpieces and gently brush the hair from the ends, making your way to the top avoiding any close contact with the lace base


As opposed to synthetic hair systems the human hair toupees offer the complete realistic looks and allow you to experiment with versatile hairstyles. However, as these hair systems are made from highly processed human hair you need to take delicate care of the same. In this post, we mentioned the best tips to wash your human hair systems. By following these tips carefully you can not only extend the durability of your hairpieces but also make them look healthier and shinier.