How to take care of your synthetic hairpieces?

Synthetic mens toupees are preferred by many people who don’t want to spend lots of time taking care of their toupees. Unlike real human hair pieces, synthetic mens toupees are less demanding and easy to work with. Moreover, these mens hair pieces are more economical than real human hair mens toupee. However, it doesn’t mean that you can treat your synthetic mens hair pieces in a rough and tough manner. Treating your mens toupee with respect will not only make them retain original sheen and impressive looks but also increase their lifespan. In this blog, we are presenting key tips on taking care of your synthetic mens hair pieces


Avoid very high temperature

Synthetic mens hair pieces have modest maintenance requirements and it is easier to style them post washing. However, you need to keep them away from intensely high temperatures as it can damage the synthetics fibers irreparably. Avoid using a hairdryer or heat treatments on your synthetic mens toupee


Consult hairstylists for changing styles

To enjoy the natural looks with your mens hair pieces, you need to style it wisely for highlighting the natural shine, volume, and smoothness. For that, your mens toupee needs to have a natural healthy look that gives it a realistic appeal. 

It may limit you from exercising the versatile hairstyle but maximizes the durability of your mens hair pieces. You can consult your hairstylist on how to enjoy versatile hairstyles with your synthetic mens toupee. Alternatively, you can also buy synthetic mens hair pieces of your favorite styles as they aren’t as expensive as human hair mens toupee


Follow well-disciplined mens toupee care schedule

 You need to take care of the special needs of the real and synthetics human hairpieces to retain the original shine, smoothness, and volume. For that, you would require a well-disciplined mens toupee care schedule and using specific mens hair pieces care products that perfectly. Here are some quick yet effective guidelines to follow:   

· Avoid combing our synthetic mens toupee when it is still wet.

· Buy a specifically produced synthetic hair comb with friendly design to keep your synthetic mens hair pieces and base cap safe while properly combing the hair

· Avoid rubbing with a towel while drying your synthetic mens toupee. Gentle patting is enough to absorb the extra moisture

· When not in use hangs your synthetic mens toupee on a toupee stand in a way that smoothly accommodates its original shape. 

· To get rid of pungent or sharp odors you can mix 1 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate in the water while washing it.



Synthetic toupees are preferred for their modest care requirements. However, you still need to invest a little attention to extend their durability and retain their original looks and appearance. In this blog, we mentioned some of the tips to take the best care of your synthetic mens hair pieces. By following these tips you can enjoy original appeal, appearance, and shine of your synthetic mens hair pieces and give it a healthier look.