How To Place Order For A Custom Hairpiece?

When you are not in a hairpiece emergency, have enough time in your hand to wait for a hair replacement to reach your door, say after 7-9 weeks, you should order a custom toupee.

Does that mean stock toupees are bad? Not at all. Stock toupees are simply ready-made hair systems and those too can be customized but the scope is limited. You can select a hair color or gray percentage but you can’t get too many options for waving, density, styles and hair length.

The fill-out form may seem too long when you’ll be ordering a custom piece but a little bit of patience can pay you off.

There are three ways you can place an order for a custom hair replacement

1) Fill out the online form on the website and then submit. The form page will appear once you click the shopping cart icons next to the products displayed. So, you need to check the inventory first, as listed in our custom system section. Decide on the type of base you require and other specifications. First make a pen-and-paper list and then fill out.

2) Make a template by following the guideline provided on our site. Check the ‘How to make a template’ section under ‘Info’ menu. You’ll get an illustrated guideline and the materials required are easily found in every household. Once the template is ready, courier us. Check our address on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

3) If you want to replicate one, that too is considered as a custom system. If you have been using it, clean it first and then send us. You can ask for exact replication or you can ask for some modifications to be done. For example, you can ask for a different hair color in the new custom hair system.