How To Choose The Right Lace Toupee For A New User 

If you haven’t used hairpieces before and are planning to buy the first ever piece, then you should go for the ready-made or stock hairpieces, that too constructed on lace bases.

Although, ready-made hairpieces are available on lace, skin and monofilament bases, new users are advised to start with the soft lace mesh toupees. These are constructed on either French lace or fine Swiss lace mesh.

Aeration is much higher in these toupees than in skin bases. We are not saying that other than lace bases, hairpieces are not aerated enough but considering the texture of the base, lace bases allow more ventilation.

That’s why someone who has never worn a hairpiece shall find a lace base hair system comfortable enough. The idea of wearing something on his head, round-the-clock may trigger some uneasy feelings.

And with a lace base hairpiece, he’ll feel least uneasy. But durability can be an issue. Lace bases are too soft and delicate. If the wearer is not careful while wearing it or taking it off, the lace base may get torn apart.

That’s why for the first time users, we recommend lace hairpieces that have Polyurethane borders around the full perimeter. This Poly border provides an added support to the base and helps in easy adhesion.

A French lace toupee with Poly perimeter and lace front should be the best choice for one who has never been aware of how to carry a toupee for hours and is too concerned to get a natural appearance.

Construction of the frontal part of a toupee is crucial. The hairpiece needs to look invisible or else people will figure out that the frontal hairline is not natural, it’s a hairpiece hairline instead.

Special SFS lace front toupees make the base look invisible in the front, provided the base color has been chosen properly. It should match with the complexion of the user or else people will identify the fringes.