How To Buy A Custom Men’s Hairpiece Online

Apparently all the hairpieces are custom systems, since you are offered to choose from a range of hair colors, base colors, gray percentages and so on. But a men’s hairpiece, made-to-order, can provide you a premium look with a host of customization options available.

It takes time to get a custom hair system ready but it’s worth waiting for. The hairpiece maker constructs the piece with precision. Before the final construction, he needs to lay out a design plan for each square inch so that to incorporate the specifications mentioned by the client in terms of hair density, gray mix etc.
Buying custom men’s hairpieces online is not that difficult. Just follow the steps—

Step 1
First you need to select a website to buy from. You will get flooded with the SERP results. It’s not wise to get carried away with the glam and gloss of certain lifestyle websites.
Only a handful of them provide fully customized hairpieces and you need to save yourself from the eyewash marketing tricks.
Prefer sellers who are into this trade for at least 10 years, if not more. If a company has made it to stay for more than a decade, that must be because of the quality of their hairpieces.
Shortlist 5/6 sites and then compare the prices. Choose one that suits your budget.

Step 2
Every custom hairpiece seller will either ask you to fill out an order form or you’ll have to make a template. Filling out forms is fun. But before making the final entries, think twice or thrice.
Take a piece of paper, first right down the specifications you’ll require and then find the same from the options. Do not ever hurry and be extra careful while choosing the base color.
The base color of the hairpiece is the key factor to provide the invisible hairline look. If it doesn’t match with your complexion then it’s most likely that people will identify the fringes as they’d find that the color of the scalp is not matching with that of your face.
If you want to replicate a hairpiece, you can send it to the seller to make the job easier at both ends. But of course, not all the sellers keep this option open. Try to find a site that does and do clean the piece before sending.
Making a template is not difficult but it needs patience. Go to the Hairpiece Warehouse ‘How to make a template’ page. You’ll find a step-wise pictorial instruction and also the list of materials you’ll require.
Templates too are supposed to be sent to the hairpiece maker/seller.

Step 3
The trickiest part of buying anything online is payment. Buyers do get a cold feet and many a times they leave the checkout process being worried about the security of the information shared.
Of course, it’s not possible for a buyer to figure out how secure the site is unless he is a software expert himself.
Check whether the site has got a ‘Comodo Authentic Site’ seal, featured on any of their web pages. Mostly, you’ll find it on the Home page.
Presence of this seal means that the site is 100% secured in terms of browsing and online transaction. We can vouch for it.