How Many Types Of Custom Hairpieces Are There?

Custom Hairpieces are bespoke hair replacement systems, uniquely crafted for a person. Unlike stock or ready-made hairpieces, these are constructed post order, taking into account the details mentioned by the buyer. 

Every custom hairpiece is unique but when we talk about types, we actually refer to the differences in base materials used for construction. Custom hairpieces are popularly classified in terms of their bases.

Base is the foundation of a hairpiece. It is a small piece of material in which the hair is injected or knotted. Base determines the durability and comfort of the hairpiece. Besides, whether the hairpiece can impart a natural appearance to the wearer or not, that largely depends on the color and fineness of texture of the base.

In a broad classification, Skin, Lace and Monofilament are the three prime base choices for custom hairpiece construction.


There are two types of skin hairpiece-- Thin Skin and Bio Skin. Thin skins are fine polyurethane sheets, specially produced for the hairpiece industry. These are soft, chemically inert substances that make no harm to human skin, in spite of remaining in contact for hours.

Bio Skin is a super-thin material, finer in texture than Thin Skin and it feels like human skin. It is almost invisible and stretchy. Bio Skin hairpieces are best known for unparalleled comfort and invisible hairline.


Lace bases can be made of either Swiss Lace or French Lace. Both are soft nets with very tiny pores that allow good ventilation. This is the best part of the lace hairpieces. Often these are constructed with a thicker polyurethane border around the full perimeter or only on the sides and back.

This type of construction allows better adhesion, since glue tapes are easier to stick on these borders and the removal process is equally easy. These are ideal for people who switch between a number of hairpieces frequently to change their hairstyles.

Since Superfine Swiss Lace (SFS) is thinner than French Lace, in some constructions SFS is used in the frontal part of a French Lace hairpiece.


A Monofilament base is renowned for its durability. These hairpieces last longer than all the other custom hairpieces, if maintained properly by the user. A monofilament base is an almost transparent material which is often supported by a poly border around the entire perimeter. This too has a porous texture, soft to human skin and is good in providing proper ventilation to the scalp.

All the types mentioned above are broad categories. Modifications are done according to the client’s preferences.